10 Tips for Setting up a Strong Home Network

Are you sick of the slow internet connections and want to set up a strong network that can scale up your internet experience and take it to another level? Well, the easiest way to do that is to subscribe to RCN internet services. It offers you top quality service at the most affordable price plus it has a wide variety of internet plans, RCN Cable, and home phone services.

Additionally, if you are looking for some tricks to boost your internet speed and connection strength then keep reading. We have constructed this article with well-researched tips that can help you in setting up a strong home network.

1.    Get a Compatible Router

When you are using a cable internet service and are getting your service from a reputable internet service provider, see that if they are offing any routers or not. If they are then it is recommended that you buy those, otherwise you can also see the compatible option that is available in the market and go for those. It can surely improve your internet connection and help you in setting up a strong network.

2.    Carefully Place the Router

If you already have a compatible or company offered Wi-Fi router and you are not satisfied with the service then you should try placing it somewhere new. When you place a router in a remote area in the house it downs provide strong signals so if you want a strong internet connection, preferably place it in the middle of the house.

3.    Change Your Default Settings

When you buy a router, it comes with a default Service Set Identifier (SSID) name and password. Once you access the network for the first time, it is suggested that you change the name and password and personalize it for security reasons. This will prevent hackers to intrude on your connection and will not even go slow.

4.    Encrypt Your WI-FI Network

The process of encrypting your Wi-Fi network fully depends on the ISP you are using and the router you have. When you will be setting up your router you will be given multiple options, and it is recommended that you choose maximum security standards to secure your network at all times.

5.    Pick the Right ISP

If you are confused about how you will improve your home network condition then the first thing you should do is to select the right ISP. We have mentioned earlier that if you are looking for a nice internet connection you can always go for RCN internet services. They not only offer you affordable options but you also get to pick your best fit from the multiple plans.

6.    Optimize Your Printer Settings

If you are choosing to buy a wireless printer then you should make sure that you are following the instructions mentioned in the manual to set it up. We are mentioning this because when you are not careful, hackers can access your network through Wi-Fi-enabled printers. That is why make sure you are keeping it protected by installing updated software.

7.    Protect Your Smart Appliances

If you are seeking a strong internet network then it might take more effort than you can imagine. Since our homes are becoming smarter due to the “smart home devices and systems”, our networks are more vulnerable than ever. Hacking is now much easier and to prevent it you have to setup malefactor authentications, modify default usernames and passwords, and install recommended software.

8.    Utilize a Security Software

Speaking of software, nowadays the security software plans are as important to your network as electricity. Many ISPs offer an authentic security plan along with its internet connections and in some cases, you can also go for an independent one. But either way, having one should be your priority!

9.    Cut off Unused Devices

This one is the most obvious and essential tip that can strengthen your internet connection. If you don’t want to put much load on your network, it is best if you remove any unused devices from it so that the efficiency of your connection may improve.

10. Stay Alert!

No matter how many precautionary measures you have taken and how much you have invested in the security system of your internet network, you must stay alert at all times. Because if you don’t keep your system updated and check it now and then it may cause unexpected trouble.

To Conclude

Setting up a strong home network is not an easy task. But if you do follow all these tips that we have mentioned you might feel more relaxed about it. Plus, these tips and tricks will also help you improve the performance of your internet connection and give you a long-lasting quality experience.

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