3 Things You Need To Do To Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are a fun and exciting opportunity to pursue on a regular basis, but they require a bit of advance preparation. To ensure that the trip is safe and fun for everyone, you should consider the following tips to ensure that you’re ready for those long hours on the road.

Car Preparation

In order to set yourself up for success before a road trip, it’s wise to do a basic car inspection well before the trip date. In addition to regular preventative maintenance, you should also check fluid levels (including motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid), tire air pressure, windows and mirrors. While it may be tempting to put off seemingly minor findings such as windshield cracks or worn belts, it’s prudent to consider windshield replacement Baton Rouge or an engine tune-up before your trip, since variables such as road conditions and temperature changes may worsen any existing problems with your car.

Route Preparation

Before starting your trip, take a look at your route in advance. In addition to the regular navigation directions, it’s wise to research road closures, planned construction and weather forecasts for the route. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to better plan for any delays you may encounter and make preparations for weathering the elements. If you’re traveling during extreme cold weather, it’s wise to pack winter car gear such as chains and an ice scraper. If you’re traveling in hot weather, it’s worth packing items such as extra car fluids. Regardless of the weather you’re traveling in, it’s also worthwhile to consider packing things such as extra food and water, blankets, a small shovel, high-visibility vests, flashlights, a first aid kit and a spare tire kit.

Detail Preparation

To make the most of your road trip, be sure to plan for fun details, such as a road trip music playlist, games, snacks, drinks and some sights to see along the way. No road trip is complete without all the elements that make it memorable, so plan for a few pit stops at regular intervals to keep the fun times rolling.

Road trips are a classic way to see more of the world, connect with travel buddies and make memories with those you love. By making preparations in advance, you can ensure that the experience is pleasant for everyone who joins you for those long, sweet hours on the road.

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