3 Ways You Can Shield Your Company from Pervasive Ad Fraud

  1. Determine the root source of your traffic

Ad fraudsters tend to swindle advertisers by the means of fake traffic. There are many legitimate sources like paid search. Always determine the root sources of traffic when it comes to buying ads. Always build language insertion orders as the publishers need to mention all third party traffic sources. Ensure to test your traffic sources to check how the inventory is showcased. Integrate third party verification for non human and invalid traffic to ensure that you are not scammed in any way.

  1. Always work with real advertisers

The ad publisher you deal with can hide himself behind with an unidentified IP address, runs a fake Facebook profile or use a fake email ID. To make sure that your ad campaign is legitimate by all means, never buy from publishers you cannot contact. Always go with the publishers who are real and have real identities like hiring Advertising services in Hong Kong.

  1. Bulletproof your company with AI

Facebook makes use of its neural networks which is an AI empowered program in order to fight ad fraud. Google also uses AI to fight ad fraud. You should do the same for defending your company against ad fraud. It is a simple and seamless process. AI can help you filter fraud IP address, clean the spam bots, keep an eye on the site traffic and detect complex click fraud.

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