5 No-Nos For Sex

Is sex not as enjoyable for you as you thought it would be? Maybe you and your partner are making some fundamental mistakes. Read on!

Sex is an exciting part of a couple’s love life – but there are many areas for error! You and your partner could be in a committed relationship and still make mistakes during sex. We list the most common boo-boos and how to avoid them:

1 Not using a condom. The only reason you should not use a condom with a monogamous partner is if you are trying to have a baby. Every other couple should mandatorily use a condom for sex. A condom protects you from unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, etc. The right condom from a company like Durex can also enhance the sexual experience. Try a lubricated condom, or a warming one, for unusual sensations during the act.

2 Going right down to it instead of indulging in foreplay. Sex rarely plays out like it is depicted in films. You cannot kiss for a few minutes and strip your clothes and get down to it. Both partners need to hit a state of arousal to enjoy sex. In fact, if the woman is not sufficiently aroused and if the man has not ejaculated pre-cum, then entry can become quite difficult. Take your time with foreplay – explore each other’s bodies, use your tongue, lips and fingers, and also try lots of kissing and sucking to get into the right state of arousal for penetration.

3 Not being in the mood but still going ahead. You might be tired from a long day at work, or not feeling too well, or you may just not be in the mood for sex. Instead of going all out and having sex, you should skip the romp and just cuddle or kiss in bed. A hug and kiss are more comforting than the actual sex act when you are not in the mood. Who knows, you can ramp up the intensity of kissing and even get amorous enough for sex later.

4 Trying a new position without informing your partner. It is all fine to be adventurous in bed, but if you and your partner are used to a certain sex position and have your sex routine down pat, then you must be a little careful about busting out a new move. You and your partner owe it to each other to discuss your feelings about making your bedroom activities more exciting. If you have a new idea you want to try, then tell your partner beforehand – and vice versa. Suddenly trying something new might shock and embarrass you both.

5 Thinking that penetrative sex is the only way to have sex. We are so conditioned to thinking that peno-vaginal or peno-anal sex are the only ways to have sex, that we disregard other ways of doing it. You should know that oral sex is also classified as ‘sex’, as is touching using your fingers on the genitals. Instead of penetrative sex, you and your partner can try masturbating each other, or giving each other an oral to break the monotony.

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