5 Questions Beginners Frequently Ask About Using a Vacuum Cleaner

If you have been used to sweeping and mopping for cleaning your house, getting a vacuum cleaner would be a big change to make life easier for you. Considering the various benefits that it has to offer, it is a good change. Even if you have bought the best vacuum cleaner in India, once you start using it, you will face many questions regarding its functioning, its usability, its effectiveness and also about its maintenance. It is but natural as it is something new for you. Some of the questions that a new user faces have been answered in this article:

What Is the Right Way to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

Before you start using the vacuum cleaner on any surface, ensure that you keep things in their place so that there aren’t any small objects on the surface to be cleaned. You should ideally use a vacuum cleaner in all directions rather than using it in only one direction. This helps to agitate any dust. This is especially required when cleaning the carpets as it moves the fibres in all directions and captures the dust from deep inside.

How Do I Know That My Vacuum Cleaner Is Working Properly?

The main factor to check for the proper functioning of a vacuum cleaner is its suction power. If the vacuum cleaner has a strong suction and is picking up any visible dust, it is working properly. You should also check the attachments perform the function that they are designed for. Vacuum cleaners do make some sound, but if the sound is unusually loud, you can get it checked.

Do I Need to Use the Vacuum Cleaner Every Day?

If your house is prone to dust because of doors and windows being kept open throughout the day, even with the best vacuum cleaner in India, you would need to vacuum the house every second day at the least. However, if the house does not see much activity during the day, you can choose to vacuum it once a week. Similarly, for parts of the house, which get used occasionally, vacuuming once or twice a week is good enough. You will have to more frequently vacuum the entrance hallway and living room, which typically are used much more. Ultimately, you will need to decide depending on the condition of the house.

Should I Dust Before Vacuuming?

Preferably yes! It is even better if you use a microfiber duster, which captures the dust. When dusting, some of the dust is bound to land up on the floor and can be picked up during the vacuuming process. If the vacuuming is done before the dusting, this dust will remain unattended and will make all your cleaning a wasted effort.

How Do I Maintain My Vacuum Cleaner?

If you feel that your vacuum is showing reduced efficiency, check if the dust bag or the dust cavity are full. You need to empty these regularly. You should also clean the filter regularly. You can refer to the manual of your vacuum cleaner for the detailed procedure.

Hopefully after reading this article, you are mentally prepared to combat the dust in the house with the best vacuum cleaner in India with no chance of it surviving.

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