Ask These Seven Questions Before You Rent A Meeting Space

In certain countries, renting any meeting space or conference room is a very big industry.

The perfect time for doing research for meeting room rental, which we call in French as location de salle will be in the beginning of planning for the event. During this time, you may acquire few important information which can help you to reach your best decision.

Following seven essential questions will be important to ask before signing for a rental agreement.

  • What Is the capacity of meeting space?

You must confirm whether the venue is able to accommodate all guests. For this, you must have the headcount to make sure that the venue is big enough.

Make a trip and see all by yourself and can make your own estimate.

  • Is your venue available as per our required date?

You have to ensure that venue is available to conduct your event as per your planned date.

Also, it is recommended that you must have few backup dates also in mind. Often event spaces get booked too quickly and hence flexibility will be a major advantage.

  • What all are included within the price?

Space provider will offer their quotation before booking the space. Read all these documents very carefully to check exactly what are covered within their base price.

You may be interested to know specifically few details like, how long you can have the space for your event? Whether guest parking included?

  • What Is your cancellation policy?

Read all terms and conditions carefully so that in case you need to cancel the event due to any reason what will be the implications.

  • What if our event space gets re-booked?

Here too you need to read their terms and conditions based on your cancellation of the event, there are chances that the venue will find some other patron and may re-book the space.

In such case, you must recoup some of the advance payment you made.

  • How will all guests can access event space?

You can ask for map or briefing on access facility. Check whether there is on-site parking for all your guests. Whether the event space lies within walking distance from public transportation?

  • Does your venue offer catering services too?

Whatever time you choose for the meeting, guests are sure to get hungry at certain point. So, make an enquiry about their catering services.

Few venues will allow you to get outside food/beverage for your guests.

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