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The digital world today is dynamically changing fast, and nearly everything offered on the online platform. One of this is the lottery games. Numerous people are enthusiastic about playing the lottery online. Lotteries were there since time memorial, and online lottery games have made the gaming experience revolutionary. Humans are subject to forming habits and become very difficult to cut these habits. It is wise for lottery players to move to play lotto games online because this comes along with many benefits.

Playing online comes with convenience and the best experiences ever, and there are huge chances of your life changing with millions of Pounds and Dollars. Online lottery games can be accessed from the comfort of your home no matter where you are in the world. You get to select from the vast selections available for your convenience. You get spoilt for options including all the new and famous biggest games available in a single spot. If you are a player and not interested with big jackpots such as Mega Millions or Powerball, you can opt for other lotteries offered in Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

About Oz Lotto

Oz lotto national lottery got introduced on 26 Feb 1994, owned by the Tatts Group. Except in Western Australia where the lottery is under the administration of Lotterywest, Oz Lotto is administered in Australia by the ‘Lotto.’ Oz Lotto has become one of the biggest Australian lotteries, holding a record for the largest Jackpot prize of AU$111, 927, 151.04, in the November 6, 2012 draw.

Playing on Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto Jackpot draws on Tuesdays every week at 20:00 AEST. The least jackpot at Oz Lotto is set at AUD 2 million. For a lotto player on Oz Lotto to win, they need to match seven numbers. On the Tuesday draw, two additional numbers drawn on top of the initial seven numbers. These other numbers will be crucial especially for the price category 2, 4 & 7. Players should purchase their lottery tickets online and check for the scan of the ticket before the Tuesday’s draw with Oz Lotto.

You have the option of using the quick pick (Automatic), manual selection or saved lucky numbers to pick winners. You may be planning for a vacation and see no possibilities of purchasing a ticket from your store, buy an Advance draw ticket or a Multi-weekly entry which will allow you to play multiple draws. Subscribing online is the best way to play; you will automatically play when the Oz jackpot achieves a specific amount or in every draw.

Oz Lotto Online tickets

The online platform is allowing players to easily purchase lottery tickets for their convenience without having to visit an agent. However, many people are finding this to be a daunting task and see those making gaffes while purchasing the online tickets. These issues are commonly caused by the players’ input of wrong data in the specified sections. With Oz Lotto, all nationals are offered to play the game and require a Credit or a Debit card. Players with payment processors such as Neteller or Moneybroker with an account get to purchase the lottery tickets too. The procedure for creating an account takes minimal time with the concierge service on Oz Lotto. The player needs to sign up on Oz Lotto and once done you are allowed to purchase your tickets online and partake in the draws. Another critical factor is the safety and security of your tickets. There is a secure system where your tickets are safely stored avoiding the risks of losing them, getting damaged or stolen. In case of winning, you will be informed briefly after the Tuesday draw.

What is an Oz Lotto Syndicate?

With an Oz Lotto syndicate, you can play in a pool and increase your chances of winning. The money put together in a pool can also be used to purchase even much bigger entries elevating higher chances of winning. If you get to succeed in a syndicate, the prize gets shared between all in the group. Lotto is a game loved by many in Australia and with offers such as the lotto syndicate; games get so exciting on Oz Lotto.

The syndicates can also be set up at home using the Oz Lotto SyndiMate tool or with the help of a friend to set-up in-store. Syndicate is played once a week, and the prize money on offer in one draw. You stand 36 chances to win a jackpot worth AU $111.97 Million if you play with Oz Lotto Syndicate. The syndicate offers players seven price levels with opportunities of high odds and winning overwhelming cash prizes.

An email will be sent to you, once the player has placed their order, to confirm the entry. The player is able to view your playing numbers in your account. Then you will be required to wait for the draw to win and check if there are any winnings. The cost of purchasing syndicate shares is determined by the number of shares you settle on purchasing and the duration of play you choose. In the case where a player wins, there are neither extra charges, commisions placed on your winnings nor any deductions to it.

You need to place an order 5 hours before the very first weekly draw takes place. The deadline will get displayed on the Oz syndicate website, and an email confirming your entry sent to you. There are no penalties on entries on draws not entered and no charges at all.

Oz Syndicate Odds

Players, bet roughly 1 in 55 chance of a win and 1 in 45, 379, 620 chance of winning a jackpot. When playing in Oz syndicate, the chances of winning get highly increased. When a player wins, the winning numbers and each category’s prize will get announced by Oz Lotto. Subsequently, an email will be sent to the player directly or get contacted if they have won a big jackpot.

Winning on Oz Lotto

Online lottery websites, also known as lottery managers, will claim the winnings for the syndicate members. Prices amounting to $600 get directly sent to your online lottery account, and above $600 you either get a cheque, sent straight into your online lottery account or a bank transfer. It must be following your preferences and yourbanking laws.

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