Causes and Effects of The Ingrown Toenail Problems

Toenails are the extension of the skin layer that surrounds the nails. This will be quite thick and is made of the same kind of protein in the nails namely keratin. These nails are more prone to damages, stress, and friction from the shoes and slippers that you wear, your daily activities, and so on. Hence, you will experience some toenail issues over time.

An ingrown toenail is one of the many problems that people suffer from because of various reasons. Ingrown toenail laser treatment is the ideal solution in this case and Podiatry Clinic in Irvine, Orange County is the best place for undergoing the procedure. Dr. Sima Soltani with decades of experience in the field will be your helping guide in this case. You can visit their website to know more.

Toenail Issues

Here are some of the toenail issues that require immediate medical attention. 

  • Toenail fungus 

The development of fungal infection just under the nail matrix is known as toenail fungus infection. The infection can be recognized with the toenail discoloration, nail thickening, whitening of the surrounding region of the nail, and so on.

This can be treated with some anti-fungal supplements or over-the-counter medications depending on the severity of the condition. The podiatrist suggests laser treatment for ingrown toenail only when the issue has become severe and requires immediate surgeries.

  • Ingrown Toenail 

The swelling in the toenail resulting in pain and redness is known as ingrown toenail condition. The prolonged issue can result in pain and warmth and finally a type of discharge from the swelling.

Some of the medical conditions such as poor blood circulation, diabetes, and nerve damage can result in the ingrown toenail problem. The best way of handling it is with the help of some simple remedies such as wearing the right size flat shoes, avoiding high heels, and stress on the toenail.

  • Trauma of Toenail 

Injury in the nail matrix can change the structure of the toenail. The condition starts with bruising in the toenail region, and thickening of the toenail, and finally the loss of the toenail.

The best and the only solution, in this case, is laser ingrown toenail removal surgery. The damaged nail should be removed from the root to offer the required space for the new nail to grow and occupy the available space.

  • Blackening of Toenail 

The main cause of this issue is a subungual hematoma. The part of the full nail region looks like it is either bruised or bleeding from the inside. This condition does not require any medical attention as it can heal on its own. However, if the cause is not just hematoma and is melanoma, then immediate medical attention is mandatory.

Ingrown toenail at the root is caused because of the improper cutting of the matrix. Sometimes the shoes, socks, and high heels of not the right size can cause stress on the toenail resulting in this condition. The best way of handling it is with the help of some home remedies and immediate medical attention if required.

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