Dirtiest Spots in an Office That Require Special Cleaning

If you have an office, then keeping all areas clean is really important. However, there are a number of “special areas” that seem to get particularly dirty. These areas require special daily attention from a top janitorial service in order to keep your office looking great. Here are the dirtiest areas in an office that require special janitorial attention.

1). Office desk

Employees will spend the majority of their time at their desks. That means that there will be lots of human contact on just about everything on the desk. A trusted janitorial service will want to clean and disinfect the high-contact areas such as the phone, the computer keyboard, monitor, and just about everything else on the desk. Cleaning the desk will not only make the office look neat and tidy, it can also help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

2). Computer

All computers, inside of an office, will have lots of human contact. This not only applies to personal computers but common workstations that may be used by multiple employees. It is important that all computers be dusted, cleaned, and wiped down. A top janitorial team will be sure to pay special attention to the areas of the computer that come into frequent human contact.

3). Microwaves

Microwaves, at an office break room, can be used hundreds of times in a day. That means that a typical break room microwave will have debris from over one hundred different meals during a 24 hour period.  It is extremely important that the microwave be cleaned inside and out. The janitorial service should carefully clean out all the walls inside of the microwave. Also, the microwave’s door handle and touchpad should be disinfected and wiped down completely.

4). Coffee Pots

Coffee pots are another area of concern when it comes to daily cleaning. On a given day, an office coffee pot may be grabbed thousands of times by hundreds of different people. The handle of the coffee pot must be completely disinfected. Also, the interior of the coffee pot should be sterilized.

5). Carpets

Since carpets can trap dust and debris, it is important that all carpets – in an office – should be cleaned on a daily basis. Special attention should be paid to high traffic areas such as the entryway and hallways.

6). Door handles

Office door handles can be one of the most unsanitary areas of an office. It is important that all office door handles are completely cleaned and sterilized at least once a day. This is especially true during the cold and flu season.

Finding the right janitorial service for the job 

To keep your office as clean as possible, you will want to seek the services of a top janitorial team. You can do an internet search for janitorial services Toronto or janitorial services Ottawa to get started. Be sure to check the references of each company – that you consider – before making a final decision.

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