Ditch Plastic Bags and Make a Change to Protect Our Environment

As citizens of the world, we all have a responsibility to look after the environment. With so much readily available to us in the modern world, it can be easy to forget the cost that we pay for this. Many of the products and services that we have grown used to using every day due to convenience are greatly damaging the planet through excessive waste, the overuse of plastics, and the production of products which are designed for one use only.

Taking your first steps toward leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can often be a daunting challenge and can also feel like a lost cause. It’s important to remember, however, that the action of one can lead to the action of many, and that one person can make a powerful impact on the well-being of our planet.

Where to Start

It’s virtually impossible to begin a completely environmentally-friendly, waste-free lifestyle overnight. Taking small steps at the beginning of your journey will help you form habits that you can keep in the long run. Your first step toward reducing your waste and plastic consumption should be one that is easily maintained.

Switching from disposable plastic bags to reusable shopping bags is a wonderful way to begin reducing your waste. Simply avoiding using plastic bags will make a huge impact on the environment as well as prove to you that being plastic-free is completely attainable, all through the purchase and use of a reusable cotton bag to take your shopping home in.

Why Start with Grocery Bags?

Around the world, 160,000 plastic bags are produced every second, which adds up to five trillion bags made every year. What’s extremely unfortunate about this is that only 1-3% of all plastic bags produced are recycled.

The use of disposable bags is detrimental to our earth’s health because they are toxic to the environment even after they have broken down. Instead of biodegrading like other materials, they break down into miniscule, toxic pieces that contaminate our planet. Not only that, but the production of these bags also uses chemicals and produces gases which are extremely harmful to the environment.

We’ve all heard by now of the abundance of plastic bags that end up in our oceans each year. They are so lightweight that they can easily take off in the wind and end up in the ocean, even if they are disposed of correctly. Many aquatic creatures then mistake these bags for food, a mistake which ultimately kills or greatly harms them and produces more toxins within the ocean as the bag breaks down.

Believe in Change

Going from wasteful to waste-free is not easy for anyone. Take it slowly and reduce your waste consumption in small manageable ways over time. Even if you mess up every now and again don’t be too hard on yourself, as no one expects you to be perfect and the fact that you’re trying to make a change is extremely admirable.

If each one of us starts acting today to reduce the amount of plastic and waste that we produce, we can make a huge impact on the health of the earth. Start today and believe that you have the power to make a positive difference on the planet.

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