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It wasn’t that long ago that most family pets ran freely throughout neighborhood streets and yards. They faced a variety of dangers that many animals now avoid completely. Because of traffic, toxic garbage, fights with other animals, and more, pets that roamed usually faced a life span about half that of their stay-at-home counterparts today. They also had much less veterinary care available to them then, as well. Times have certainly changed. Pet wellness in Fort Collins has certainly improved a great deal. Pets are safer, have better nutrition available, and have access to the incredible advances in veterinary science that contribute to pet wellness Fort Collins has come to rely upon. What are some of these advances? Here at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado, we offer such treatments as:

  • An understanding that prevention truly is of great value to a pet’s health. Rather than waiting until a disease has become noticeably advanced, we offer vaccinations, check ups, preventive medications and treatments, examinations according to specific needs of the animal, and more.
  • We have surgical facilities and methods that reflect the latest improvements in the understanding of animal disease and accident treatment and follow-up care. With skill and the the right equipment, we strive to help animals in need.
  • Our dentistry services both treat issues that come up and prevent diseases that can shorten the life of a beloved pet. We can do regular cleanings as well as repair issues that arise from accidents.
  • Chinese herbal medicine has brought us newer treatments that focus on such important concepts as illness prevention and treating an issue by treating the base cause of it. These methods have proven themselves effective repeatedly and we are pleased to be able to offer such methods for the comfort and happiness of our animal patients.
  • Our hospitalization and rehabilitation methods are based on advanced understanding that provides more effective treatment for animals who face extended treatment or need access to rehabilitation efforts that will improve the quality of their lives.
  • Our emphasis is on helping your pet have a friendly and as stress-free of a veterinary visit as possible. As an example of this, we are proud of our participation in the Cat Friendly Practice Program available through the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). We have cat-specific visiting rooms and other amenities which make your veterinary office visit much easier on your pet as well as on you.

Here in Colorado we have developed veterinary practices that provide pet wellness Fort Collins depends on to provide healthier living for their pets and greater understanding for owners as they make choices that will impact the lives of their animals for years to come.


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