Glass Barn Doors – Modernizing the Traditional  

Glass barn doors offer a boon to anyone who has a home-based business or to those people who have a business that spans many buildings. The reality is that more home businesses are growing larger and are outgrowing that home office that was once an extra bedroom. While that is a good thing, it does not necessarily mean that these businesses are ready to rent office space downtown. Instead, people are creating bigger working areas in their homes and outbuildings. The traditional barn door is large and that type of structure is working with glass walls to partition home life and work life.

The New Home Business

For many people, it is important to be at home. For some, it is a matter of raising children while growing a business. For others, saving money by not paying thousands of dollars per month for office space is golden. With the power of the internet, people are able to do a lot more with less space. Even so, it is hard to hold a business meeting at your dining table. For those types of businesses, having the ability to have a designated home workspace that still upholds the corporate image and professional demeanor is key.

There is a blending of that line between work and family and many professionals spend more time working but not necessarily through the traditional 9-5. Many salaried executives work in spurts of time all day long, during the evening, and on the weekends. In between, they are raising their family, mowing the lawn, and taking the kids to and from school. While the line between at work and at home is blending, the responsibilities are not. That is in part the boon that glass barn doors offer.

For the Home

Barn-style doors work beautifully with traditional and modern designs. From expandable rooms to rooms that span both indoors and outdoors, glass barn doors fit. There is no reason to have a stark contrast in home styling when technology has made it very possible to define space – home living and business professional – without losing the design esthetic. There is also another benefit of bigger doors – They help us to save energy. Living rooms, which are traditionally open, can remain open and still be closed-off when not in use. Simply slide the barn doors open and the living is opened. These innovations help homeowners to save energy by heating and cooling only the parts of the home they use. Rooms that close completely also add privacy, such as when the kids are watching a moving in the living room while you are having a skype in your office.

To learn more about how to use Glass style barn doors to improve your home/work life, just reach out to our team.

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