How LaserTechnology Is Helping You Remove Wrinkles from Your Skin and Look Younger

The beauty industry has continued to grow as more technology is finding its application in the beauty industry. Back in the day, women were more associated with beauty concerns than men. Integrating technology into the beauty industry has attracted more players; men, women, doctors, and related professionals.

The user of lasers in the beauty industry has helped provide solutions to a multitude of cosmetic concerns. The lasers technology is finding its application in removing wrinkles.

1.     Laser

According to N.A.S.A., L-A-S-E-R is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a single wavelength light, a mono-colour high energy lightthataccurately focuses on only a minimal area.

2.     Laser Treatment

Laser treatment works well for different skin conditions. For cosmetic beauty purposes, there are two basic types of lasers.

·        Ablative Lasers

Ablative lasers work by transmitting a high intense single wavelength of light to a specific area on the skin to remove the damaged outer skin layer known as the epidermis and heats the underlying skin known as the dermis stimulating it to produce collagen. As the skin heals and grows, the skin becomes smoother and tighter due to the new collagen fibres. The wavelength of the light used on the skin must correspond with the target part of the skin.

·        Non Ablative Lasers

Nonablative lasers treat the underlying deep skin without removing or damaging the skin. The laser nonablative treatment works deep the skin without damaging the epidermis. It stimulates collagen production, which improves the skin’s texture to become more smooth and improves the skin colour tone.

3.     Laser for Treating Lines and Wrinkles

As one ages, changes in the skin become more evident due to damage caused by exposure to sun and environmental pollutants. As you age, your skin may develop wrinkles and hard spots that you may need to eliminate.Laser technology has brought solutions closer home through skincare professionals and dermatologists.

Skincare professionals combine skin resurfacing and skin tightening procedures using ablative lasers to treat fine lines and wrinkles.Skincare professionals regulate the amount of energy in the laser beam to control the penetration depth of the laser beam. For quality computer-controlled ablative lasers, you can search for Sciton Lasers.

The laser procedure produces controlled skin injury effects which in turn stimulates increased production of collagen fibres. Collagen plays an essential part in strengthening your skin and improving the elasticity and hydration of the skin. Thus the stimulation of collagen on your skin makes your skin look healthier and younger.Increased collagen production helps slow ageing by increasing skin hydration and reducing wrinkles on the skin. In laser treatment, the laser beam can remove about 70% of the sun damage on the skin.

4.     Tip: Take Care of Your Collagen

As the laser beam stimulates your skin to increase the production of collagen fibres on your skin through controlled skin injury, it is crucial to know how to prevent damage to collagen.You can reduce damage to collagen by avoiding the following habits;high consumption of sugar, smoking, and exposure to direct sunlight.

However, ageing is a natural process that you cannot stop. Hence visit your skincare professional for options on laser treatment to slow the ageing of your skin.


The use of laser technology in skincare and treatment has made it easier to treat skin problems that would otherwise seem impossible or difficult. Consult your skincare professional for checkups and advice. Remember to take care of your skin; it is the largest body organ, it will make you glow.

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