How to Prepare Your Website for Google’s Page Experience Update

Google’s algorithms continue to change. It’s vital to have these changes since Google wants to provide what the users need. There was already an announcement made that in 2021, there will be an update on Google’s Page Experience. It’s essential to keep up with the trends so the business remains relevant and continues to rank high and search engines. Otherwise, other relevant websites will move on top and push the company down. The good thing is that a company can ask for help from a Seattle web design agency. Even if there will be more changes in the future, the company won’t worry about them.

For now, it helps to prepare for these changes using the tips below.

Optimize web speed

Apart from web content, Google also considers web speed in determining which pages to rank on top. Therefore, it’s essential to improve the web speed and provide the users what they’re looking for. There should also be minimal errors. If these issues continue to exist, Google will penalize the website. Even if it contains quality information, it won’t rank high. The average loading speed is about three seconds. If the website doesn’t open within that time, most users will decide to leave and look for other options.

Compare the website with other companies 

The problem with these algorithm changes is that Google doesn’t provide explicit information. Therefore, companies have to figure out the best way to prepare for these changes. One of the useful steps is to look at what other companies are doing. They might have effective strategies that help them rank higher in search engines. Analyze how they organize their website. Apart from the basic elements like color and font, the organization of information is also essential. Websites where potential clients can easily make reservations provide a better user experience. Therefore, they will be the preferred option. Google will pick it up and consider ranking the website higher.

It might also be about the quality of content. Google loves ranking pages with fresh content. Users want to find something new each time they look for information online. If the competitors constantly release fresh content, it helps them. The business should do the same.

Improve user experience

Web design isn’t only about the aesthetic appeal of the page. It also refers to the overall experience when navigating the website. Users have to feel comfortable when browsing the tabs and looking for specific information. There should be changes on how to present the information. The most important details have to be on the homepage. The rest can be properly arranged within the tabs.

A website that doesn’t load quickly will also affect the user experience. Therefore, it helps to remove unnecessary elements from the page. Background music or useless animations have to go. They might be entertaining, but they won’t do anything to change people’s minds. Their presence will only slow the website, and no one likes it.

Improve mobile-friendliness 

Back then, most people use their desktop computers to look for information online. These days, with the accessibility of the internet, it’s no longer an issue. Users can open their phones and immediately buy the products and services. Therefore, it’s a problem if the website doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices.

Google also made it clear that mobile-friendliness is one of the factors considered in ranking the websites. It could be one of the more prominent changes that will happen when the Google Page Experience updates commence.

Other ways of improving the website’s mobile-friendliness include the use of variable fines, prioritizing bulleted lists, enlarging the buttons, and making the search bar easily accessible. Text and images should also be responsive. Some people might click on them to explore more information.

There should be no security issues

Businesses should also invest in having a more reliable and threat-free website. Security issues like malware and spyware will turn off potential customers. Once the website gets flagged for potential threats, they will immediately leave. Given the problems related to identity theft and other cybercrimes, people are afraid to transact with unreliable websites. Google will also punish websites with viruses and other security issues. There should be a significant overhaul of the website to eliminate these problems immediately. Adding a firewall and partnering with a reputable Seattle web design agency and security experts should happen right away. An unsecured website isn’t only terrible for the potential users. It can also pose a threat to the business.

Avoid using pop-ups 

There was a time when pop-ups were very popular as a lead generating strategy. The problem is that people feel annoyed when seeing them. They don’t want to put an extra effort to close the pop-ups they don’t need. Others might immediately close the website once they saw the pop-ups. In 2021, this strategy should go away. It won’t only annoy potential customers but also get penalized by Google. Besides, there are other ways to generate leads and not only the use of pop-ups.

Prepare for more changes

Google announced these changes early since they can drastically affect the playing field. Even websites that already did an excellent job before might suffer because of these changes. The good thing is that Google gives enough time before implementing the algorithm changes.


A web design agency will help erase fears about these changes. Figuring out how to prepare for what Google will do can be challenging. The good thing is that there are experts who know what to do. Partnering with a reputable Seattle web design agency can be the right way forward. It might seem like these changes will heavily affect the online marketing strategy, but changes happen all the time. These agencies understand that businesses have to continue to adapt to watch search engines want. The 2021 change might seem big, but minor changes are happening regularly. Digital marketing is a constantly-evolving field and only websites that are willing to adopt succeed. It might take time to understand these changes, and other companies might also have more preparations done. The best thing that the business can do is to look for experts to extend help.

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