How to shop like a pro in your lunch break

All you need is an online shopping app, 10 minutes and the ability to find exactly what you need. Here’s to online shopping in a limited period of time.

So you’re in your lunch break, tucking into your meal and thinking happy thoughts when you suddenly remember that you have a party to attend later that week. And you have nothing suitable to wear! Instead of panicking, just whip out your online shopping app and quickly buy the things you need. Here’s how:

* Get your shopping app ready.

Sit down with your smartphone and open your preferred online shopping app. If you are the Jabongshopping app, your shopping time is already reduced by half because all product categories are neatly laid out in an easy format. It is a good idea to load your preferred online shopping apps on your smartphone instead of accessing the desktop version of the fashion site – the latter is quicker and saves a lot of browsing time.

* Browse for what you need using filters.

A problem you can encounter when you do online shopping is that you can get caught up in looking at everything that’s on offer. This can confuse you and waste a lot of time. If you have limited shopping time at your disposal, it won’t do to browse pages upon pages of dresses and nightwear, shoes and other accessories, and then wonder which ones to buy and which ones to leave for later. Here’s a good time saving tip: if you’re looking for a white kurta for the summer, look for the word ‘Sort’ above the product page and enter the colour and fabric of the garment you are looking for. The app has special filters that show you the products that you specifically wish to see, instead of looking at every product under one category.

* Compare prices and look up the size guide.

It is possible that you might have several online shopping apps on your phone. This is a good practice if you are a bargain hunter who compares prices of similar items across sites before committing to a single one. You can check if the clothing or accessories you want are available across different sites, or if different brands are available. Once you compare the brand, fit and price, you can move on to the size guide and check if the right size is available. This information helps you pick the perfect choice out of all the ones you see.

* Proceed to pay.

After choosing your preferred items in clothing and accessories, you can add them in your shopping bag and get ready to pay for them. Now is a good time to apply any promo codes or redeem any previous points – the final bill is adjusted accordingly before you pay online. After this, enter your card details or check the COD (Cash On Delivery) option to finish paying for your purchases.

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