Industrial filters for filtration of liquids

Dansk Traemel can provide you with BioNic organic filters for your industrial filters. To name an example, there is the vacuum drum filter which is suitable when the aim is for the liquid to be separated and poured onto a filtering medium. Thereby, the vacuum is created below the medium through the pressure. There are several advantages to this type of organic filtration of liquids. To begin with it is an economic solution. Secondly, it also an eco-friendly solution and thirdly its user friendly.

When using filtration of liquids in the daily work for industries, it is important that there is no damage to the employees working with this type of work. Therefore, Dansk Traemel provides solutions that are risk-free for the employees. Thereby the filtration of liquids is a process that is harmless for the employees, the environment and the economic aspect of the industry.

There are several industries that make use of filtration of liquids. Especially if the process can be organized organically. To name a few industries that make use of filters to ensure their filtration of liquids, there are everything from the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries, within the industry of metal and within the waste water technology industry. Filtration of liquids can even be found within the food industry, where filtration is especially use within the industry of beverages, for example liquids such as juice and spirits.

At Dansk Traemel there is a great variety of solutions that is prepared for your needs within your industry. Dansk Traemel provides high quality solutions of both service and products, to ensure that the customers get the best solution within every aspect. That is also one of the main reasons why the organic filters were developed – to ensure that there is an eco-friendly solution out there.

Look no further for the solution of your filtration of liquids issue – Dansk Traemel is ready to guide you and find the best solution for you, so you can get the filters most suitable for your industry. Do not hesitate to make contact, Dansk Traemel will help you.

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