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Now a days mobile payments is picking up pace. It has started replacing cash and card payments and making them obsolete. At present there is a wide uptake of mobile wallets. The mobile payment transaction service is an integrated system linked by various components of the value chain which typically includes the telecom network. Being a next generation payment technology it ensures safe and simple payment transactions in present day. So next time when you plan to make your BSNL online payment, this can be the right option for you. There are many benefits of going cashless like-

  • Convenience- You don’t have to be physically present to conduct a transaction or be forced to do so.
  • Tracking spends- It will be very easy for people to keep track of their spending as it automatically maintain all the record of the transaction you have made.
  • One Click Pay- In addition to being safe and secure mode of payment, the mobile wallets are also easy to use. A user can store variety of payment information in a mobile wallet. Some mobile wallets even allow users to store important documents like driving license. The user can access the payment information directly on his mobile device, and make payment with a single click be it the BSNL online payment or any other bill.
  • Ø  Loyalty Programs-At present, most mobile wallet service providers do not charge any transaction charges from the users. That means a user can use mobile wallet indefinite time without incurring additional expenses. At the same time, he can save money by availing the discounts, offers, reward points, and cashback provided by the mobile wallet service providers.

There are various mobile wallet applications like Phonepe, FreeCharge, Paytm etc. India’s largest ecommerce company Flipkart has just launched PhonePe, an online wallet app to handle your money. This app is among the first to be built on top of the government backed unified payments interface. Transfer is possible with the user’s linked bank account only. For example, A cannot transfer wallet funds to B’s bank account and vice versa. Once your bank account is linked you don’t need to top up the wallet.

Money can be transferred wallet to wallet or bank to bank. The maximum limit per single transaction is Rs 100,000. It has the combined functionality of apps like PayTM, Freecharge, Split wise etc along with the added functionality of interbank transfer. And With the same app you can now make and receive payments, pay your utility bills, split your bills with others, receive and send payment and also transfer money between bank accounts. The reason why BSNL online payment is advised to be done through this because you can also get cash back that can be further used for different purposes.

Free Charge provides online facility to recharge any prepaid mobile phone, post paid mobile phone, DTH & Data cards. Also, it provides an easy and instant recharging process, a  hassle-free online experience, a  safe and secure payment process, best discounts available in the market and simple voucher redemption with no hidden costs or difficult terms and conditions. Also it enables merchants whether small or large to accept digital payments in less than 1 minute after registering to the Free Charge App. These applications are playing vital role now a days in everybody’s life.

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