No More Worries about Lost Pets

Losing a pet can be devastating. They may not find their way home in a timely manner, leaving the family searching for many days. There are some common tactics that people use to make it possible for lost pets to return home. Collars with tags are the most traditional way to give pet’s identification and directions from the owner. These can fall off, however. Microchips are helpful, yet a pet must be taken to a veterinarian to be scanned. The new Bluetooth options can help you find your pet even faster.


You do not even have to be at home to find out that your pet has gone missing. When your pet gets out of the specified area, a notification is sent to you. This way you can call home to see if a family member is walking the dog away from the house, or if the dog got loose. These notifications also extend to the community. When your dog is near others that use the same product, you can also receive an alert. This can help increase the number of people out looking for your lost pet. Get started with a Bluetooth pet finder from Blaq Wolf.

Easy to Use

A Bluetooth tag simply attaches to your dog’s collar. It has a sturdy construction so it stays intact long term. The GPS on the tag can be linked to an app on your phone. This makes it easy for you to map the location of your dog when you do not know where they are. Many dogs really seem to enjoy escaping. If your dog is the type that won’t come back when called, this is a great option. You do not have to be careful with Bluetooth pet accessories, either. They are made to withstand the antics of most active dogs. This includes water, mud, and rough play.

Theft and Safety

When dogs are stolen, the tags may be removed from the pet. Bluetooth options can be set to alert you if this happens. When the device is removed from the dog it can be sent as an alarm. It is important to also have a microchip so your dog can be identified, however. A combination of safety measures can make it more likely that your pet is returned. Other safety features include distress signals from an app. Your designated emergency contacts can easily be notified if you are feeling unsafe in a rough part of town, or because you are alone at night.

Your pet provides you with plenty of loyalty. Give them the best chance of a safe return in case they get lost. They cannot stop and ask for help. You must give them a voice with a GPS tracking and alarm system. These can be extremely helpful when you move to a new area, as a dog may not be familiar with their surroundings. Go high tech with your dog accessories to make sure that they have the best chance at returning home.

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