Photographs, the legality of ownership and licensing

Photographs, the legality of ownership and licensing

Science as a field of interests has made incredible thoughts of the impossible into reality. Science has also taken humanity into astounding places of the universe besides continually making our lives better. The representation of science most of the time has been gloom and boring. However, according to, diagnostics images can also be beautiful, wondrous and fun. The grasp of the beauty provided by the pictures of scientific origin is unimaginable. The advancement of the microscopic imagery techniques only works to make the results more breathtaking.
In a recent competition of the best scientific representations from the University of Copenhagen, several amazing graphics diagnostic images were provided. The presentations varied, each creative and unique in its way. The award-winning submission was a picture of marine organism, Echtopleura larynx, by Norwegian Veterinary Institute. The media award-winning photo was by Augusta from the University of Brasilia depicting nanoparticles. Others of interest were the image of a fluorescent slower through a filter. Also, of attention and effort to succeed in scientific humor, Mr. Fabrizio Gualandris from the Technical University of Denmark presented Agony. The photo, dubbed Agony, is taken by an electron emission microscope and every dot symbolized a single atom. The image was a representation of the torment experienced by all Ph.D. students.

Mr. Calos Gomez added a touch of variation with his image, Fail. Fail is taken using the Hubble Telescope and beautifully captures the fusion of galaxies that are over 100,000 light years away. Other photos while still scientific, lost no touch of attractiveness. Finding a needle in a haystack, by Michael Asger is a simple graph showing the growth of lymph nodes from four thousand leukemia patients. Other images of scientific origins remain valuable not only because of their visual appeal but in regard to the data they contain. Like in the proverbial picture is worth a thousand words, imaging has been proven to be a more convenient way of data storage and presentation. Besides large firms employ the imagery technique to simplify data for all their users and interested parties.

Like anything with actual value and rare occurrence, there always arises the dilemma of ownership and the financial equivalent associated. Photo rights licensing and property remain a complicated mess of spaghetti. According to, photo ownership most of the time start and stay with the photographer. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that professional photographers never sell a photo. These photographers instead permit you to use (license) the picture. This means that you do not have the right to give the photograph to a third party for use. The prices of pictures are affected entirely by the nature of use. The license details specifically how parties can or cannot use the photo. Due to this and many other concerns, large companies have established legal and technical staff dedicated to sniffing out all illegal users of their images. Several service providers avail online platforms to iron out the technicalities involved in the acquisition and licensing of images.

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