Proper Inspection Helps in Minimizing the Price of Foundation Repair

Whether it’s pier and beam or slab foundation, each has its own strength and weakness. The main purpose is to keep your house in good shape so that it looks appealing and beautiful and also the value of your house doesn’t drop. With time, every foundation needs little brushing up, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your house unless the damage is worse. Foundation inspection is important every year to assure that the damage isn’t too big to avoid heavy cost.

Foundation repair cost Houston isn’t very expensive, but it varies from area to area. Soil plays a vital role in the repairing of any foundation. Therefore, there are few things that you could do on your own so that you can save money –

  • Seal cracks in basement
  • Seal leakages
  • Repairing stone walls

Seal cracks in basement

Due to excessive pressure and uneven land you can see a possible crack in your basement wall. Need not worry because not all cracks are harmful or lead to leakages. All you have to do is remove dust particles and dry paint off that crack with the help of a soft brush. Apply surface sealer with the help of an injection at the lowest end of the crack line, but make sure that you don’t fill the crack with this sealer.

After the surface sealer dries you can spray water on cracks and inject urethane into it which will expand mixing with water and leave it to dry. After a day, you can spray water and if that doesn’t penetrate into the hole, it means the crack is sealed.

Seal leakages

If you see splits that are moist, it means water is penetrating from any surface. Look for the area where you see stagnant water which can be either your drainage or leaking water pipe. Once you find the place where water is accumulated near your foundation, then dig soil and create a slope from where water could divert away.

Now place a plastic sheet on your foundation protruding outwards and stick it with adhesive and let it dry. Once you have taken care of the seepage then you can look for cracks and seal it the same way as mentioned above.

Repairing stone walls

Stone walls have always been the strongest element for any foundation because they are natural and have existed for years. However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect it because too much pressure generally breaks the stone and requires repairing. It is easy to repair a stone wall.

In case you see cracks, you can fill it with hydraulic cement. Don’t use it with bare hands because the chemical can burn your skin, it is safe to wear gloves before mixing it. Fill them in gaps so that all stones hold tightly to each other. It takes a month for cement to harden, thus leave it untouched.

These few steps can be done by you at home to make your life easy. This way, you would not have to wait for an expert to come down and examine your walls. Little effort from your side can fix your problem.

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