Real Men Wear Jewelry!

William Henry, a men’s jewelry designer, knows it’s important for a man who wears jewelry to still look masculine. After all, “jewelry” is generally perceived as a more feminine word. This is simply not true. With the badass, dare we say, “BAMF” jewelry sold by William Henry, a men’s designer jewelry brand, you, too, can look like an A-list celebrity on par with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhall and Nick Jonas (all of whom have sported William Henry men’s designer jewelry).

Not only does William Henry sell jewelry, the brand is also known for its designer pens and men’s high end knives, complete with the full array of material choices.

Men’s Designer Jewelry

The most common reason people turn to William Henry is for jewelry. We offer plenty of choices for the neck, the finger, wrist, you name it. You’ll look extra fly on the town with your lady sporting a sterling silver skull pendant necklace from William Henry, not to mention if you pair it with a high-end designer knife among our collection of beautiful, hand-crafted knives.

The jewelry sold by William Henry is certainly unique. Some of the pieces offered for sale include masculine pendants, uniquely-inspired bracelets for the ultimate #wristporn, and plenty of other choices featuring highly-sought after woods, metals, titanium, gemstones and more. Men who appreciate a masculine appearance who have never worn jewelry, may appreciate, for example, a skull beaded bracelet with onyx beads and a lobster clasp. Another choice is our Boots and Denim bracelet, featuring 10,000 year old Wooly Mammoth tooth, sterling silver and Sodalite.

Men’s High-End Knives

Take a look at William Henry’s high-end men’s designer knives and know what a luxury gift for him is all about. Outfitted with highly prized materials that you won’t find in the typical high-end department store, these knives are truly one of a kind and deserved to be displayed, cherished, and even passed down from one generation to the next. These are an investment in beauty and the future. Men who appreciate a badass aesthetic should consider these high-end knives.

Luxury Gifts for Him

Whenever a person is at a loss for a gift for him, a nice tie or maybe a wallet come to mind as the ultimate gift for a boyfriend, dad, uncle, what have you. Not so if you turn to William Henry for badass jewelry, knives, pens, and more.

If you are in the market for men’s designer jewelry, men’s high-end knives or luxury gift for him, visit to shop online for these amazing products.

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