Remember These Tips for Developing Bouldering Footwork

If you want to be proficient in the bouldering sports then it is essential that you need to give special attention to your footwork.

Following are few tips that you must remember to have an exceptional footwork during bouldering that can also be learnt at Bloc Shop.

  • Develop your vision

In this sport, it is very important that you must use your eyes very effectively to locate your spot where you can place your next foothold. You need to always use your eyes so that you can suitably maneuver your feet.

If you are engaged in this sport in any outdoor location, where perhaps footholds may not be so well-marked, in such places, you must assess quickly the rock and decide where you have to place your next foot so that you can support your weight.

Developing excellent vision will also mean that you must watch your foothold while you are moving and should never take eyes off your hold till your foot has been properly placed on the next rock.

By developing such vision can always save you from any kind of slips and unnecessary accidents.

  • Be exact

It is essential that you must set your foot in exact location where it is necessary on your very first try. Exactness is very important so that you can reduce your time of hanging which will not only waste your time but also your energy too.

  • Be silent

If the movement of your feet is making some noise then it will be an indication that perhaps you are not in full control while placing your feet.

Therefore, you must practice enough to make your movement without making any noise at all.

  • Trust your feet

While engaging in this bouldering activity, it is necessary that you must trust your feet which will mean that you believe that your feet will never slip or can fall from the wall due to your weight.

This is possible with adequate practice and in your subconscious mind you will develop trust on your feet.

  • Have sticky feet

As your foot will touch the stone immediately it should hold properly and stick your feet till you move your other foot. If you hold your foot in one position for too long then it will not only waste your time but also your energy.

It would be very inefficient way of movement and you will end up draining out the strength of your upper body.

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