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Senior Care: How to Reduce You’re Loved One’s Risk of Stroke

Every year, strokes claim thousands of lives in the United States. While most of these strokes are caused by a blockage of brain blood flow, studies have shown lifestyle factors contribute to the risk. Family caregivers can make use of the tips below to minimize the risk of strokes of their senior loved ones:

Reduce Intake of Alcohol and Sweetened Beverages

A lot of senior people are used to drinking a glass of wine with their meals. Although a glass or two of wine every day can provide health benefits, consuming more than this increases the risk of stroke. Also taking too much alcohol contributes to premature brain aging. Sugary beverages can cause weight gain and increase triglycerides, increasing stroke risk.

Provide Healthy Food Options

Seniors who consume more fruits and vegetables are working toward reducing their cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of strokes. Foods such as poultry, meats, and fish offer protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy for the heart. Aging people should avoid consuming processed foods high in sugar and fat. But, they can have baked treats during special occasions.

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activities can get the blood pumping. Seniors don’t have to go to a gym to exercise since they can do activities in their home such as walking, cleaning the house, gardening and more. Exercise helps them maintain a healthy weight, encourage the relaxation of the blood vessel and minimizing their cholesterol levels, reducing their risk of stroke.

Encourage a Smoke-Free Life

Tobacco products have chemicals which increase heart risk and constricts blood vessel. They can promote blood clots and raise blood pressure. As the cardiovascular system is overly stressed by enduring weakened vessels, a rupture could take place.

Manage Existing Medical Conditions

Seniors diagnosed with medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease should follow their doctor’s instructions. It is important for them to take their medications as directed. Also they can make lifestyle changes to boost their health and reduce the risk of stroke. Some medical conditions can be reversed if sufferers change their dietary options and lose weight.

Offer Lots of Water

Water keeps blood thin which inhibits the possibility of clots formation. But, seniors should consume lots of water throughout the day to enjoy this benefit.

A stroke is a serious condition which can impact the quality of life of seniors. Performing everyday tasks while managing the symptoms of diseases can be difficult for seniors. Fortunately, providers of senior care Omaha are available to provide professional care and assistance.

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