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The benefits of owning birds as pets

Friendship, Fun, Love is all you can expect from your pets and they in turn never let you down as they are supposed to be the most loyal ones. With a lot of different types of pets available, people choose their pets as per their needs. The most popular ones are definitely dogs and cats, along with those, birds make a good companion pet too.

Keeping birds as a pet is a trend going on for centuries now, there are a few which are most popular and favourites such as cockatiels, parrots, budgies/parakeets, cockatoos, African grey, Macaws etc. They are extremely smart and help you relax with their sweet chirps. They do need special attention which also helps you be active and organised.

Here are some of the facts which might help you know your feathered friends a bit better :

  • Long life : Some birds live longer than others. African greys can live up to 25 years, where some of the macaws can live up to 70 years or more if taken good care of. Even a medium sized parrot can live for about 10-15 years on an average.
  • Extremely Smart : We all have heard about parrots copying human voice or birds solving small problems/puzzles. A few birds can navigate to long places without a map which makes us believe their navigation and memory to be very strong. They are fart learners and smart with their choices, and yes, like humans they do enjoy good music too.
  • Easy to care for : With the nature of them and requirement of their habitat they are very easy to care for. As they need a small living space and their other needs are lesser than the four-legged ones, it makes it very comfortable for the owners to have them around.
  • Inexpensive: Some of the pets do need special care and attention as compared to what a bird pet would need, such as Feeding, grooming, healthcare etc. following about the same routine like other pets, Birds too need their food and water on time but the bird food, their grooming needs and other accessories are less expensive compared to other pets.
  • Highly Social : Birds could be highly social and love interacting with humans or other birds. While they feel protected within their own small living space, they do not mind people around them as they do get entertained with different voices around them.

There are plenty of different adorable birds you could have as a pet, while choosing one, or before you bring one home, you should make sure you know about their needs and wants so that you could have a happy friendship with them.

Some equipment you should consider buying first include:

A spacious birdcage

Complete bird food

Toys and chews

Birds can really liven up the family home and once you have one, your home can feel like it’s missing something if they’re not there! As with all pets it requires an informed decision around the practicalities of owning a pet, but birds are wonderful animals to introduce to family life.

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