The Top Benefits of Using Invisalign Teen

In the human development, adolescence is the most delicate stage. That’s the time the personality of a person is forming, and those teens with metal braces are perfect targets for bullies, according to Huffington Post. During this time, their self-esteem can get crashed completely.

A safe alternative way of straightening teeth invisibly without the restrictions of metal braces is procuring teen Invisalign treatment. Instead of wires, Invisalign teen features a series of clear removable aligners custom made for your teeth. We discuss the advantages of teen Invisalign Crofton;

Helps Boost Confidence

Most parents underestimate how the self-conscious teens usually are about their smile. Metal braces are confidence killers, and your child will feel as if they don’t belong. Patients with Invisalign teen can smile confidently and will be happy to take photos and participate in school plays while still undergoing their orthodontic treatment.

Limited Diet Restrictions

Braces are highly restrictive when it comes to food. Usually, your orthodontist will issue a list of foods to avoid, so you don’t damage the metal braces. With Invisalign teen, the teen patient is free to eat anything. He/she will only remove them, eat, brush and put them back.

Less Painful

Braces are not only visible but also painful and highly uncomfortable. In case a wire pops free in the mouth injuring the lips or gum, it can be excruciating for the teen. And while you’ll still experience some degree of discomfort wearing teen Invisalign Crofton, no wire can injure you and no possibility of spacers getting lodged.

They’re Easy to Care For

Metal braces also come accompanied by a special set of toothbrushes for cleaning around the brackets and the metal wires. Given that navigating through the braces and wire can be tasking, most teens will avoid the trouble and rush through. That results in cavities forming below the brackets.

Invisalign teen comes to save the day. When brushing, the teen will simply remove the aligners, brush the teeth thoroughly and then return them.

Fewer Appointments

Another benefit of Invisalign teen is that it limits the appointments to the doctor. For the braces, you have to take your teen to the doctor frequently to get the wires tightened. While you still need to make routine visits to the doctor, they’re not as many as for the patient with braces.

Patients Can Play Sports

If the teen participates in sports or is a band member, Invisalign teen treatment is the best thing that can happen to them. They only need to remove the aligners before they can take part. It can be dangerous to play sports with metal braces in the mouth because you can sustain lips, mouth, tooth loss and possible damage to the braces themselves.

Undoubtedly, braces can never come close to Invisalign teen regarding safety, comfort, and convenience. For teen Invisalign Crofton, your local orthodontist will be eager to help.

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