Top 5 Bars In Melbourne

One of the best parts about passing through Melbourne on a motorhome hire trip is the nightlife. There can be no question that this lively and beautiful city boasts a wide variety of things to do after dark, including great dining, clubs, and most importantly bars galore. No matter the type of establishment you may be looking for, from dives to old school pubs to high end cocktail bars, there will no doubt be many to choose from on any given night. As a matter of fact, the sheer number of bars within the city makes for an overwhelming decision when picking a place to go. To help you out, here are the top five bars currently in operation in Melbourne.

Whiskey and Alement

If unique whiskey concoctions are your thing, then look no further than this stylish, progressive whiskey bar serving up a truly breathtaking array of drinks. They have some of the best whiskeys in the world behind the bar here, including the massively hyped Scotch Malt Whiskey Society stock. Instead of shelling out 200 dollars for a bottle, you can simply buy a drink made with this delicious amber beverage. Plus, the interior and clientele are hip and fashionable, making for an overall terrific place to settle in with a nice drink when in the Melbourne region.

Romeo Lane

This comfortable, hip establishment serves as a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the downtown Sydney area. Featuring lavish booths and a large oak bar, Romeo Lane is known to be an interesting mixture of style and comfort. There is a cross selection of young professionals, artists, and selected hipsters that frequent this establishment, creating a terrific overall atmosphere. The music is great and on cold nights there will be a fire in the fireplace to warm up the customers. Another thing keeping them warm is the large variety of terrific cocktails served up by experts behind the bar. If this sounds like your kind of scene, then by all means hit up the Romeo if you fancy a drink when in Melbourne

Bar Liberty

Bar Liberty is a different kind of wine bar. Unlike the well-to-do atmosphere of most of these types of establishments, this well-stocked wine bar leans more toward punk rock than smooth jazz. First of all, the selection of wines on hand features many unique brands you won’t find anywhere else, including many delicious local varieties. This is much less about name brands and more about experimental wines from smaller companies, so you will end up sampling some brands that you’ve never come across before when you stop in at the Liberty. The décor, from the spray painted sign to the exposed brick, is punk all the way and the clientele are young and progressive. So if you’re craving some fine wine but looking for a different experience than your average wine establishment, this is your place.


This establishment lives in local infamy due to the massive fire that took out the original establishment, a fire caused by a meat smoker named Loretta. The rebuilding has not dulled the charm of this old school Melbourne pub. You will feel as if you are having a drink in a pub in the 1950s in this establishment. From its timber interior design to its animal heads on the walls to its comfortable local feel, this pub is truly not to be missed. As an added bonus, there is great food to be had here as well served up by Loretta herself, the meat smoker operating safely in the back garden. Overall this is just a comfortable, warm establishment to relax in after all those hours on the road in your motorhome hire.

Boilermaker House

At the Boilermaker house you get a simple concept that works incredibly well for the visitor: a terrific selection of drinks. The whiskey collection here is unbelievable, with more bottles and brands than you can count. From well known brands to the most obscure of specialty labels, you will be able to find it here. Of course the top feature here is the boilermaker that gives the bar its name, with a choice of seven unique blends made by the expert specialists behind the bar. If all you want is a perfect boilermaker made from a quality brand to sip in a stylish atmosphere, then this will definitely be your type of establishment.

The sheer number of establishments serving up alcoholic beverages in all the districts of Melbourne is truly staggering. This is a lively and hip scene with bars to match the atmosphere. For a traveller pulling into the area in a motorhome hire, Melbourne offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a night or two on the town, soaking in the unique atmosphere of this bustling city.

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