Where to Find Window Installation in San Diego

If you’re looking for window installation in San Diego—especially retrofit installation (also known as replacement window installation)—you might have a hard time finding it as a stand-alone service. Most companies that offer window installation will also want to sell you the windows, and there’s actually a very good reason for this.

To put it simply, replacement window installation only works if you purchase windows that are the exact measurements of your current windows. This is because replacement windows are designed to be installed within your home’s existing window frames. The old window units are removed, but the frames are left in place. The new windows are then installed inside the old frames. By doing it this way, there is no damage to the surrounding walls—inside or out. It’s a clean process, which also helps keep costs down.

However, because of the way replacement windows work, the measurements of the new windows need to be exact. There’s no room for error. They will either fit in the existing spaces or they won’t. Because of this, most window installers also want to be the ones who measure for the new windows and place the order on behalf of the homeowner. That way, they know the measurements were taken correctly and the windows were ordered in the correct way.

The last thing a window installation crew wants is to show up at a job site and some or all of the windows are the wrong sizes. Not only will they have to disappoint the homeowner and tell them that they wasted their money by ordering the wrong window sizes, they also don’t get paid that day.

For the best results, a homeowner should plan to purchase windows from a specialty window company that sells the windows, takes the measurements, and also provides window installation in San Diego. Some of these companies even guarantee their installation services, so if you ever have any issues that aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s product warranty, the installation company may cover the needed repairs.

Look for a company that has their own team of professional window installers, as opposed to one that outsources the window installation to subcontractors. Companies with in-house installation teams are more likely to offer an installation guarantee, and it’s also more likely that their installers are trained specifically in replacement window installation.

At the end of the day, you want new windows that were correctly installed, and the best way to ensure that is to work with a company that understands replacement windows, knows how to take correct measurements, and knows the best window installation methods.

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