Why are Essays Crucial for Kids?

An essay is a piece of writing describing any particular topic. It offers the writer an opportunity to express his/her thoughts and feelings about the topic at hand.

Ever wondered why essays are considered so important that they are introduced to kids right from their formative years of learning? There are many reasons that make essay writing such a substantial part of kids learning. Let’s have a look at a few of them here:

  • Vocabulary

A great way to enhance one’s vocabulary is to practice writing as much as possible. Through essays, kids get hands-on experience of writing on different topics starting from simple topics like cow, mother, father, school, etc. While kids frame essays on all such topics, they keep getting more knowledge of words, thus improving their vocabulary.

  • A way to express

Essays let kids express their thoughts and emotions about any topic using simple lines. They get accustomed to writing their heart out when they draft essays. During their primary classes, it is a must for kids to open up about their feelings as this helps them in being able to convey their thoughts in their later years too.

  • Confidence

The more one writes the better one gets at it. Children are instilled with a habit of writing essays from the very beginning of their learning phase so that eventually they gain more confidence in their writing skills.

  • Sentence Build

While writing an essay, kids ponder over all the aspects of the topic. Then they try to frame sentences so as to communicate their thoughts. They define the topic and include the things that they admire about it.

  • Imagination and Creativity

Essay writing requires a lot of creative thinking and imagination. One can frame the best essays and other pieces of writing only if one is able to put one’s thoughts into words artistically. Writing essays refines imagination and creativity in kids as they grow.

  • Social understanding

Although topics for essays in the primary classes are very simple and relatable, they familiarize kids with different elements of their environment. They get to know and write in-depth about their surroundings, animals, plants, birds, festivals, famous personalities, so on and so forth.

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