Why Using A Commercial Laundry Service Makes Good Business Sense.

All hospitality businesses in the UK, whether big or small, use linen on a daily basis, and it is something that a business in the hospitality industry cannot do without. From hotels, bed and breakfasts, hospitals, care homes and your favourite restaurant, bed linen and staff uniforms are commonplace, and this essential service, is the oil that keeps the hospitality machine moving along smoothly. Linen is used everywhere, from the napkin shaped like a swan on your dining table, to the bed sheets on the bridal suite in the hotel, there isn’t any part of hospitality that doesn’t use some kind of linen, for some kind of purpose.

As an owner or manager of these fine British institutions, it is your job to make sure that your employees look good, that your business premises look good, and that you find an external laundry service, that can provide quality products and quality service. You also need a company who will offer favourable prices, inline with industry norms and still provide you with a service, that is second to none. One such company that will provide all that you need and more, is Stalbridge Linen commercial laundry services, who happen to provide these services all over the UK. If you are thinking of using such a service, here are some good reasons why outsourcing in the best solution.

  • Expensive – If you don’t have the services of a commercial laundry service to take care of all your businesses linen needs, then that meansyou are going to have to do them yourself in-house. This means that you are going to have to hire competent staff and also buy the machines for the job. You will probably need an industrial sized washer and dryer for the UK weather, and lots of detergent and conditioner as well. All the different kinds of linens needed to be separated and sorted, put into the washing machine, then taken out and transferred to the dryer, and then they need to be ironed and folded. This is a lot of work and it has to be done every day.
  • Time Consuming – To complete the above procedure, it is going to be very time consuming and expensive. If you don’t have industrial machines and are just using a standard home washing machine, then even moreso. You are going to have to divert your staff away from their normal duties to do this, and then there are the electricity and water, that needs to be used as well. For a large hotel, you will probably need to hire new employees for these tasks, and this has to be done all day, every day, otherwise no linens, means your business cannot operate properly. Who wants to sit at a dining room table, without a table cloth.
  • Added Expenses – If you decide to do your own laundry, then you need to buy the necessary machines which are not cheap, and then you may need to buy parts for them when they break down. You will also have to hire a specialist engineer to come in and fix them for you. All the while, the linens are backing up, until the issue is fixed. All this added expense, when it would be so much easier and cheaper, to contract out the work to a professional commercial laundry service. They will take all the worry and the hassle away, so you can concentrate on your business and customers.
  • Eco-Friendly – If you are a bed and breakfast business in the UK, and you are using the standard washing machine for your laundry needs,then this method is not kind to the environment, and because you don’t have the necessary equipment, you will be using a lot more water than modern industrial washing machines do. That is more water being wasted and being dumped into the environment, as well as a lot more detergent being used. By outsourcing the work to laundry businesses that have the necessary machines, you will be ensuring that less water is being used and that the detergent is totally environmentally friendly.Mother Nature will thank you for it, as will your customers and staff.
  • Rules and regulations – When contracting out your commercial laundry services, you will be dealing with a laundry company that is environmentally aware, and is also aware of the local UK government rules, in relation to an industry like this. There are rules and regulations in the UK, governing what happens to detergents and chemicals when they are discharged into the water and sewage system. The UK government will insist on bio-degradable products and will insist on a system to be installed, that gets rid of excess water and detergent responsibly. Professional laundry services are aware of the rules in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Using commercial laundry services allows your workers to do what they are supposed to be doing, and not being tied up with laundry duites. If you are seriously thinking of doing your own laundry service, you really need to look again at the costs and time involved in this venture. All these additional costs could be avoided when you use a professional commercial laundry service who have all the necessary machines and staff, to complete the job.

The financial benefits alone of using an external company for the cleaning and preparation of your linens are there for all to see, and it really wouldn’t be financially smartto try to handle this difficult service yourself. Consider the extra staff you are going to need, the time and money involved buying new machines and setting up a laundry. Consider the massive amounts of water and detergent that will be used, and the various government rules associated with operating your own laundry, and then think about how all this could be avoided, if you just contract out all your linen needs, to a company that have been doing this for many years.

It’s your choice, so choose wisely. Contact a commercial laundry service company today, and see what they can do for you.

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