6 Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist When Getting Dental Implants

Missing or loose teeth can lead to the lack of self-confidence and fades your capacity to enjoy your life to the fullest. It becomes hard to feel comfortable when you are self-conscious about your smile all day. Hence, you should consider getting dental implants from They aim to serve their patients with the smile they have always wanted. It helps them to regain their self-confidence and make them enjoy their lives to the fullest. Here are the questions you must consider to ask your dentist before you get dental implants.

  1. Am I eligible for getting dental implants?
  2. If you have one or multiple missing teeth
  3. If you find it hard to chew food
  4. If you have loose teeth
  5. If you have dentures
  6. If you have dental bridges because a lot of food gets trapped under
  7. If you are a non-smoker.
  8. How many surgeries do I need to undergo to have my tooth or teeth extracted and the implants to install?

Mostly, you just need a single appointment for the extractions and the immediate installation of the dental implants. Everything can be accomplished in a single visit. In rare cases, you might need to book multiple appointments to install the implants.

  1. Will I be provided with sedation choices?

Certainly. You will be provided by two sedation choices: IV sedation and Oral Conscious Sedation.

  1. Why should I prefer dentists who have specialized in implants?

Nowadays, most general patients install dental implants even though they don’t carry specific and adequate specialization to do so. However, the dentists who have had additional training and expertise have undergone 3 to 4 extra years after completing 4 years in dental school. This deems them competent in the surgical installation of dental implants and to steer clear from all the complications related to them.

  1. How long will the dental implants last?

If your implants are installed by an implant expert, then they tend to last for a lifetime. There are many factors that should be considered when it comes to surgical placement of dental implants, their restoration as well as their maintenance. There are more than 98 percent chances of success for lower dental implants and more than 94 percent for upper dental implants.

  1. What will I have to do for maintenance of my dental implants?

Once you have the dental implant installed, you will be closely monitored for the long term durability for the implants. We are fully dedicated to value the investment you made on your oral health and promise to deliver you top notch services for a lifetime.

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