Considering More Than Just Premiums When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Usually, people look for the most affordable bike insurance policies while doing their research. The reason behind this is understandable: they want to save the most. However, there are several other points to consider other than premium before you choose bike insurance.

Here, you will learn about other factors to consider before you buy bike insurance online or offline.

 Factors to Consider While You Buy Motorbike Insurance

 Types of Bike Insurance Policy

There are two major types of bike insurance policies available in the market, they are comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance. Although companies also provide additional insurance, such as standalone own-damage bike insurance to choose from, buying third-party insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Thus, before buying any bike insurance, make sure that you have options to choose from different bike insurance.

 Buying Process

Another factor to consider before buying any bike insurance policy is the buying process. If the buying process is tedious and requires you to spend time in lines to submit papers and get documents verified, then there are better choices.

Nowadays, several insurance providers offer the option to buy bike policy online. It requires less time and minimal paperwork.

 Claim Process 

Financial protection against loss because of any unforeseeable events is the primary goal of bike insurance. If any such event arises, it should be feasible for you to claim for settlement without going through a cumbersome process.

That is why it is essential to ensure that the insurance company you choose has an excellent claim settlement ratio. Further, enquire about the whole settlement procedure and make sure that it is easy and swift.

 Clear Communication

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy is an important decision that affects the policyholders financially. Thus, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions of the policy before agreeing to it. Make sure to choose an insurance provider who is clear in their communication.

The insurance company you choose should provide detailed information regarding crucial aspects of the policy, like premium amount, claim procedure, extent of policy coverage, and so on. Any kind of miscommunication or concealing information is a sign you should notice before insurance purchase.

 Insurance Documentation

As mentioned earlier, several companies have the option to buy bike insurance online; however, it is necessary to make sure that all the documentation is done right. It will help you during the claim settlement process or renewal of policy. Thus, choose the company that does provide accurate documentation of every premium payment, document submission and verification, and renewal of insurance.

 Add-On Benefits 

Many motor insurance plans offer add-ons on comprehensive bike insurance to customise your plans. You should ask your insurance company about additional add-ons that you can have along with your insurance. It will provide you and your bike with extra protection and complete protection.

 Network of Garages 

Checking for a vast network of garages with cashless repair service is another point to consider while buying a bike insurance policy. This feature will allow you to get repairs in case of an accident without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses; the more comprehensive the network is, the better.

 Customer Support

Customer support service assists you during the whole procedure of buying a policy, claiming insurance, renewing insurance or any other assistance. Make sure to check for reputable insurance providers who have great customer support reviews and ratings.

 Final Words

Now that you know what points you need to look for before buying your bike insurance make sure to choose a trusted insurance provider, such as Tata AIG, that not only benefits you in terms of good premium options but includes other necessary features and benefits.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is bike insurance crucial for bike owners?

Bike insurance is mandatory to buy for every bike owner. However, other than that, it is crucial to protect your well-being and provide protection from any financial liability in case of any damages or accidents on the road.

  • Is it good to buy bike insurance online?

Online bike insurance offers convenience and a hassle-free documentation process. It allows you to tailor insurance plans, provides automated reminders for policy renewal, and is cost-effective.

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