Leading For Success With Kevin Modany: What Makes a Winning Executive?

Every single day, corporate leaders around the world will go to the office to try and lead their teams to success. In such a cutthroat industry, it can be hard to find separation, and it can be even harder to find success.

Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners as well as the former Chairman and CEO of ESI Service Corp. A graduate of Robert Morris University in 1989 with his B.A. in Accounting and Finance, Modany is uniquely suited to share concepts and ideas to help other corporate leaders succeed and thrive in the field.

Taking time to address some of his best traits and assets, Kevin Modany sat down with CEOWorld Magazine to share key insights with potential followers. Throughout the conversation, Modany highlighted and emphasized a few of the concepts that made the biggest difference in his life.

Bringing Leadership to the Workplace

Executive leadership skills aren’t always taught in schools and they certainly aren’t passed around for free at the office. Kevin Modany has had to leverage multiple decades of experience in the industry to take the successful steps he has taken in recent years. One of the most important things he brings to his office is a sense of leadership and a clear and a clear and concise vision for the future.

According to Kevin Modany, an executive leader should be ready and equipped with the big-picture thinking that a business requires to succeed. The CEO should also be fairly attuned to the landscape of the industry as well as the specific needs of the company. Equipped with this big-picture thinking, leaders can guide their workers toward successful outcomes.

Creating a Collaborative and Honest Environment

While Kevin Modany understands that he is the leader in the room when he is at work, he also understands that his office thrives because it is open, collaborative, transparent, and honest. Kevin Modany believes that an aura of respect and an air of transparency can go a long way toward creating an environment where people want to succeed together.

Kevin Modany says, “If you ask me a question, you’ve got to be careful because I will give you an answer, and I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright.”

Modany went on to say, “Sometimes it’s painful, but you’ve got to be truthful. That’s the way I am, and that’s the way that I’ve always been.”

Within the truthful and transparent environment created by Kevin Modany, employees can collaborate with their leaders in a way that makes them feel heard. In doing so, Modany creates a sense of progress and collaborative loyalty.

Modany said of his approach, “The objective of a leader should be to get the people so motivated that they want to run through a wall for you.”

Relying on Integral Data

We are living in an era that is increasingly relying on advanced data, statistics, and metrics to make proper business decisions. Whether you are a small business or are in charge of a large firm, it will be up to you to make sure that this data is actionable and relevant.

Modany suggests that CEOs take a data-driven approach when it comes time to make decisions. Instead of relying on anecdotally based proposals, Modany believes that longer-term success can come from concepts that have been built and backed by data.

Modany went on to say, “I’m a big data-driven person.”

Leveraging industry insights and key pieces of data can go a long way toward limiting exposure to poor outcomes. Modany suggests utilizing all of the resources that CEOs have available to them in order to make better and more focused decisions in the future.

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