Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Why Dental Implant Work is Less Expensive in Mexico


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, dental implants are less expensive in Mexico. You can have a beautiful smile and also save your money if you go for dental implant work in Mexico.

The Reasons

Here, you will find all the necessary information about dental implant work in Mexico.

  1. How much does it cost- In Mexico, a single implant costs around $750. If you go for an implant, abutment, and crown, it can cost you about $1250. However, bone grafting cost approximately $400. And, if you want the “All-on-4® treatment, the whole process costs as much as $7000 in Mexico. However, when compared to the prices of the US the cost of a dental implant in Mexico is 70% less.
  1. Meaning of dental implants- This process includes the insertion of metallic screws in your bone. These bones are meant for a replacement for your natural tooth roots. Dental implants offer much stability to you, and they can reduce the chances of bone loss in the upper and lower jaw. After the completion of the process, your teeth start functioning immediately.
  1. Dental implant options in Mexico– The following options are available in Mexico:
  • Single tooth replacement- You can opt for this treatment when you are missing a single tooth.
  • Several teeth replacement- If you miss more than one tooth, you have to undergo this treatment option. Here, at least two implants are inserted into your bone.
  • Full mouth reconstruction- If you want to replace all the damaged teeth, you can go for this.
  1. Benefits you can enjoy only in Mexico- You can save vast expenses in Mexico because the costs are much lesser than in the US and Canada. It also offers proximity to you, and this can save your travel costs and time. The cities of Mexico are well-connected with all the American cities, and Mexico also has some excellent implant specialists to support you. Moreover, most of the clinics in Mexico are very strict with sterilization practices.
  1. Why are the costs low in Mexico- Are you scared about the accuracy of dental implants in Mexico? Worry not, because the dentists here use the same technology as used by the Americans. The materials used are no less different, and all the dentists are equally certified and qualified. They can perform any procedure as per your needs.

The first and foremost reason for the low expenses of dental implants in Mexico is the cost of dentistry school which is far less. Also, dental office bills serve as a good reason, and you need not have any medical insurance. Moreover, the cost of living is lower in Mexico as compared to America.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that Mexico is an excellent option for doing your dental implants. It offers services at a low cost, and there is no compromise with the quality too. Don’t worry too much and make arrangements for your stay before you go. After reaching the dental clinic, you can consult with a dental implant specialist, and everything else will fall into place.

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