Patrick Lucchese and Humanitarian Work 

Patrick Lucchese knows how great it can be to give to others. It’s been proven that giving to others can have a positive impact on your health. But, as Lucchese knows, it’s all about making a difference to others and the real impact that you can make on lives. He finds it to be amazing how much people are capable of when they are given the help they need. He always had a philanthropic role model in his father who was a surgeon who performed many free surgeries to help the community. Seeing this level of giving made Patrick Lucchese inspired to help people when he could. As a successful professional who founded a consulting group, he is in the perfect position to help many people.

Out of Poverty

In Brazil, it’s often possible for people to go from poverty to breaking this cycle and becoming financially successful. Many of these people escape poverty by starting a business and helping it to grow over time. Lucchese founded the Urban Advisors, a specialty consulting company that helps businesses go from smaller companies to having their own successful initial public offerings. This helps business owners to find wider success, and many of these owners come from impoverished backgrounds. He knows that help is what they need to take their companies to the next level.

Patrick Lucchese also helps those who are still in poverty to have a better chance in life. He has always engaged in philanthropy of various types, but years ago he made the decision to choose one community and invest in it heavily to make an enormous difference. He supports a number of families that live in a favela that is destitute. The favela is on the outer edge of the city and houses people who don’t have much access to employment or food, and there are very limited opportunities to improve their lives. Lucchese is always looking for ways to improve their lives. He helps them in a number of ways such as paying for their medical care, delivering food to the families, and listening to them so that he can try to come up with solutions.

He considers this investment into the community to be an important one to give people more options in life. It also helps them to see what is possible so that they start thinking more about success. Getting help can change the attitude of those who live in the favelas, and this can change a number of behaviors as well. Patrick Lucchese enjoys going to the favela he sponsors and listening to people’s worries and problems. This can help hum to find even more ways to help them and give them a better quality of life. He also talks to them about what is possible when they set their minds toward a goal. He knows that with hard work, many people leave the favelas and find their own brand of success.

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