Top 10 Instagram Tools to Help You Boost Your Following and Engagement

With the new year kicking off, it’s time to revisit some of the tools that help us boost our reputation Instagram. Socialrocketer published their top Instagram tools list recently, and we thought we’d follow suit with a list of our own, complete with an array of items that will help you start generating more engagement and a better following in no time. Check them out below:

Social Steeze

One of the best tools out for boosting engagement quickly, Social Steeze is at the top of its class. Not only is it one of the most helpful Instagram services, enabling you to buy real followers that genuinely want to engage with your brand. Furthermore, they also dive into specific audiences that follow under your brand guidelines, which helps quite a bit in forming an organic following. All-in-all, if you’re looking for solid growth at a much quicker rate than hacking it on your own, SocialSteeze is the program for you.

Magic Social

Another great engagement service, Magic Social does an amazing job of targeting niche audiences curtailed to your business needs. This differs from the other services in that they already have built-in fan bases to tap into for anything from fashion to fitness branding, as well as can begin working with your current situation quickly. With a tailored strategy in hand, the value you’re getting out of Magic Social is outstanding. And at a low cost of just $15 per week, this might not be a bad investment to experiment with.

Hashtags For Likes

While we’ve all heard about the importance of hashtags, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of us are using them effectively. However, that’s why Hashtags For Likes can be such a great program, as they specifically detect which hashtags are trending, as well as the most beneficial for your needs. Believe it or not, defining a hashtag strategy is crucial for boosting your following and engagement base, and with Hashtags For Likes, you’ll already be at an excellent headstart regarding which ones to use and why. Check them out if you’re looking for some #strategy and #inspiration.

Buzz Sumo

As we’ve all heard about it being “the age of the influencer,” there’s a fair amount of value to the practice. In fact, as noted by the Digital Marketing Institute, for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, an average of $6.50 in revenue is seen in return. That’s a pretty substantial chunk of change for the word of one person; however, finding the value of that influencer is what Buzz Sumo tries to help with. Ideal if you’re looking for what influencer or influencers could be the most beneficial to your campaigns, this is the perfect tool to check out if you’re aiming to experiment with influencer marketing or have been a pro for a minute, but looking for the next big person to make your brand shine.

Facebook For Business

While our list is specifically talking about Instagram, Facebook For Business is the platform used to advertise on Instagram. As noted by Hootsuite, with over 1 billion users on Instagram, advertising to grab eyes is not only important for direct sales but to learn who your customer is. After all, a significant component to Facebook For Business is the ability to specifically target customer segments based upon the criteria you set, which could include all the way down to the years they went to high school or if they like cornbread. Regardless of your industry, if you’re going to be on Instagram, it’s always wise to hone in on your advertising skills with that, which is why brushing up on Facebook For Business is so clutch.


One of the best social media scheduling and management tools out, Buffer helps you reach your audience when they’ll most likely see your post. For example, as noted by Expert Voice, the best time to make an Instagram post on Sunday is at 1 pm; however, that’s only the first part of the process. As your audience’s engagement will vary depending on your industry, demographics of your base, and even mutual followings, being good at scheduling posts around your audience will be a perfect aide to increasing engagement. However, that’s why looking into Buffer ASAP is a wise move.


Yes, those three little words you see on a daily basis have now become a product. If you’re not familiar, Linkin.bio essentially gives you a URL template that mirrors your Instagram page so you can upload your content and links. This is a pretty smart tool to include for everyone outsourcing to product or content pages because as noted by Protocol80, in a study on Facebook posts, adding a CTA to copy increased click-thru rates by 285 percent. That’s a pretty sizeable audience improvement and one that’s well-worth implementing into your Instagram page as well.


We all know important it is to edit our photos, but how important is it to keep them consistent? Well, as noted by Ragan, it turns out that color consistency can increase brand awareness by 80 percent. The perfect app for you to keep up with all that editing has to be VSCO, which is the premiere mobile photo editing app. With a ton of different filters and functions available, the intuitive platform is an exceptional offering to add to your Instagram arsenal.


According to Pew Research, nearly 68 percent of Americans state that they get some of their news from social media. Granted, if it’s a trusted source we see, then we’re often okay with this being our primary medium for news; however, don’t you want your brand to be at the forefront of delivering that information? That’s where Feedly comes in, which not only aggregates popular stories for the day, but those curtailed to your industry or liking. Check them out if you’re looking to implement a little bit more news into your Instagram mix.

Social Gone Viral

Finally, we saved one of the best for last with Social Gone Viral. One of the best Instagram tools out, Social Gone Viral does as it promises by helping you go viral. Granted, this isn’t an overnight success, however, but by building up an organic following curated to your needs, they’re able to start generating that traffic in no time. Give them a shot if you’re really looking to take your audience numbers to the next level.

What are some Instagram tools are absolutely must-haves for you? Comment with your insights below!

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