Saving Up to Travel to Punta Cana

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If you want to go traveling for an extended period of time in Punta Cana, your budget may not last as long as it should. Even budget travel costs money and it can be a daunting experience when you run out of cash on your holidays. But with a little creativity and motivation, you can save up and fund your…


How to Find Cheap Travel Insurance

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Random Scenario: Imagine you are skiing down your favorite slope in (insert country of choice here) with reckless abandon. You expertly whip around pine saplings and dodge boulders. You’re having the time of your life. Being the thrill seeker that you are, you suddenly veer right down what looks like a wonderfully challenging path. Sliding around a particularly large boulder…


Travel Gear to Avoid

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Back in September of 2010, I wrote a page review of my own equipment. I listed everything that I had. I have to say now that some of the stuff I never even used. Some of my gear was seldom used while others I used almost every day. The following is a list of gear that I will never use…


Top 8 Things To Do When In Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is considered as one of the most visited international destinations in Central America. In fact, one of its main sources of income is tourism. But before you go packing and booking your flight tickets, carefully plan out the details of your trip. Although, if you have to plan your trip in the last minute, there are ways to…


How to CouchSurf and Travel the World

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If you haven’t heard of CouchSurfing by now, you are missing out. What? CouchSurfing is a world-wide organization of people traveling the world and sleeping on couches, or hosts offering their couches, in an attempt to broaden horizons and strengthen friendships and open-mindedness. Why? Because you’re better than paying too much for a hotel and not experiencing the culture. When…


Travel Excursion & Exercise Tips

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Not getting the proper exercise before you travel can spell certain doom. Quality travel exercise tips are helpful to keeping yourself fit and in shape on the road. Especially, like most of us budget conscious travelers, we carry everything around on our backs. Carrying around a backpack every single day can cause stress and undue pain, especially if you’ve never…


The Best Pizza comes from Naples, Italy

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Buongiorno! Yes, I’m talking about food again. And once again, it’s about Pizza. But I never got to really tell you the FUN part of Naples, Italy, before my disaster that cut my trip short. The food was amazing! And, incredibly cheap to boot. While I stayed at my hostel in Naples, the front counter recommended two different Pizza places…