Australian Trucking Companies Have A Bright Why Future

Here in Australia, the trucking industry is going from strength to strength. We have the choice of more than 40,000 trucking transport companies, and our freight sector is evolving year by year with new technologies, energy solutions and consumer trends. 

Let’s explore Australian trucking companies and one of their top players.

The trucking trade in Australia
In Australia, trucking companies play an integral role in our economy. The moving of goods or freight across land is at the heart of most of our commercial industries. With the arrival of huge international e-commerce players such as Amazon in the past decade and the disruption of supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic, our trucking industry has had recent ups and downs but remained robust and agile throughout it all. 

Trucking into the future
An impressive 80 per cent of non-bulk freight that’s goods transported in individual units is carried via road by heavy vehicles. This fact, along with the ever-increasing trend of online shopping and last-mile deliveries, is why the Aussie transport industry is set to expand at 2.2 per cent year on year until 2025. As we look to the future, the industry is continuing to adapt and utilise technologies such as GPS tracking, and telematics and contemplate a visionary future set to incorporate driverless trucks, heavy electric vehicles and other alternative energy-run trucks.

Australian-based DSE Transport is an experienced leader in the trucking and transport solutions industry. 2024 is a significant milestone for DSE, as it’s their 30th anniversary as Australia’s most trusted provider of trucking operations for businesses both big and small. 

To mark this significant occasion, DSE launches a new website showcasing its 30 years of dedicated service to Australia’s road transport industry. From humble beginnings in 1994, DSE began their small business with a bold mission to safely and securely transport goods across the wide expanse of Australia. Today, DSE boasts more than 200 passionate team members: a collective of skilled truck drivers, well-versed administration staff and seasoned managers.

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