Should You Place Special Order For A New Mercedes-Benz

A lot of people are enthusiastic about special ordering system to rent or purchase a new Mercedes-Benz. By waiting for some time, one may get their new Mercedes Benz that is not only cost effective but also customized to meet their accurate specifications.

When should you go for special order?

You will find a limited number of models at a Mercedes-Benz dealer. If you are lucky to find the model that you wish to buy, then it is great otherwise you should search at other dealerships. You may find a “close-enough” model there. If not, then you can place an order stating all the different types of customization that you want in your vehicle. This is simply called placing a special order for your vehicle.

What is a special order?

A special order is also called as a factory order. It happens when a client makes an order for a specific vehicle. He may wish for customization in the areas of color, comfort and technical features. As per the request of the buyer, company will manufacture exactly same vehicle to match buyer’s expectations and deliver it to them. This type of order can be placed by visiting the showroom and communicating your requirements with the salesperson or by configuring the vehicle via website.

Advantages of placing a special order

The Mercedes-Benz website is made to ensure the entire process of ordering to be simple and easy for its users. They provide interactive features that enable one to contrast and compare colors and other options so that they can visualize the vehicle and figure out exactly what they need.

There are several benefits that you can get by placing a special order for your vehicle.

  • You need not pay for features that you won’t require
  • You will get the vehicle configured in a specific way
  • You will get a vehicle with little or nill inventory available

How much savings can one do by ordering a Mercedes Benz car?

By placing a special order, a buyer can save on the insurance cost, lot fees and other expenses involved when a car remains in inventory. Ordering also prevents paying extra for unnecessary features that can contribute to even greater savings.

How long does a special order usually take?

Special ordering can take a little longer than purchasing a car off the lot. It may take around six to ten weeks for most of the Mercedes-Benz SUVs built in the US and eight to twelve weeks for cars built in Germany.


Where several car buyers find it frustrating to get their ideal car in the market, special order method provides them their dream car at an affordable price.

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