The Armed Forces: How To Get Into It And What To Expect

There are so many different roles you can choose when you join the Armed Forces. Whether you choose from the British Army, Royal Navy, or the Royal Air Force being in the Armed Forces can be like no other. You will find that within the UK Armed Forces, there are a number of different types of jobs and roles you can go into, which are great for developing a range of transferable skills. Protecting the UK’s interests all over the world is one of the things that this career makes you proud to be part of.

Skills and Qualifications That You’ll Need

There are a number of different skills that are required to be able to have a career in the military, including:

  • the capacity to operate independently or in a group
  • physical aptitudes such as agility, coordination, and mobility
  • talents in logic, thinking, and communication
  • patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure
  • leading and making decisions

Formal qualifications aren’t always necessary because there are so many different and distinctive roles. You will get equivalent credentials as part of your course if you don’t have GCSE passes in English and maths. One of the largest employers of apprentices in the UK is the armed forces, and several professions require the completion of an apprenticeship.

However, having credentials will provide you with more options, allowing you to join as an officer or as a member of a specialised profession like an engineer or a medical function, for instance. To pass selection, you must be physically fit on a basic level, and you will receive loads of assistance. A medical exam will also be required of you. Your prior expertise can be taken into account.

Extra Information

High levels of honesty, discipline, and devotion are required by the armed forces. In the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force, you would need to dedicate 3.5 years, 4 years, and 6 years, respectively, though many go on to serve far longer careers. Promotional opportunities are organised efficiently, and steady advancement through the ranks is feasible.

A trainee’s initial salary typically ranges from just under £16,000 to a minimum of £20,400 after training. Officers’ starting wages can reach £39,000, however, most will be closer to £30,000. The perks package includes discounted lodging, meals, and transport as well as access to fitness centres.

British Armed Forces Life Insurance

If you are part of the British Armed Forces you should always consider some form of life insurance. High-risk occupations such as being in the armed forces will require specialised insurance coverage in place to protect your family, home, or enterprises. Seeking advice from a hazardous sports and occupations life insurance company such as Sports Financial Services is always essential. It’s vital to keep in mind that additional underwriting requirements and even coverage restrictions may apply while shopping for Armed Forces life  insurance due to the increased risk of injury and threat to life.

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