Understand Smoke Damage and the Toll It Takes

Smoke damage isn’t just the fact that smoke after a fire is annoying and damages your upholstery. The reality of the fact is that smoke damage can be highly detrimental to your health as well as your home. So let’s learn about smoke damage, and why it’s best to book for a smoke damage cleanup before you try to DIY.

The 3 Types of Smoke Damage

Protein Residues

This comes from burnt meat, fish or poultry, and this residue is yellow or brown and the texture can be wet and sticky and adhere to many surfaces. To clean this type of residue, you need to use water-based cleaning solutions as long as water will not compromise the surface.

Natural Substance Residues

These substances come from burnt paper or wood and sometimes can be seen in traditional fireplaces. This is often what people think of when they think of smoke in a traditional sense as it’s gray or black and has a powder-like texture. This, sometimes also known as soot, can be cleaned with a HEPA filter cleaner and other such dry-cleaning options before water is used.

Synthetic Residues

This occurs when the burnt material is synthetic such as plastic. This creates a thick and heavy black residue that can easily be smeared into materials if not correctly removed. This type of smoke also provides smoke webs that look like cobwebs throughout the area.

It’s important to note that all smoke types have different odors and need to be cleaned in different ways.

Why Hire Professionals?

Those three classifications sound simple, right? They are, but the cleaning is far from simple and there are many other reasons to choose the professionals.

Expertise & Experience Matters: Professional companies take the time to train their teams in understanding smoke damage and over time their experience means they can make tailored restoration plans depending on your unique needs.

Comprehensive Service Options: smoke remediation companies often offer more than just smoke cleaning, they can also handle water damage and other fire damage in the home, meaning you get everything you need all at once.

Time & Damage Mitigation: Smoke damage requires a quick response and even faster action. This is because smoke can have chemical reactions, which will make less of your home salvageable in the long term. Not only do the professionals act fast, they get the remediation done fast, which means you can be back to your routine as soon as possible.

Safety Matters: Fire restoration projects often come with hazards. This is why you often see the fire remediation experts wearing personal protective equipment to make sure they’re safe and they can also stop smoke from spreading to clean parts of the home with specialized equipment.

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