Why Pincher earrings are a thing of the past?

Pincher earrings became a huge trend among the youngsters some years ago as they look bold and sharp and give a hippie look to the person who wears them. The pincher is also known by the name of claw piercing which is worn as stretched earlobe piercing and comes with the claw-like openings at the end.  The variety of designs and styles in the pincher earrings also made them likable among the people as they added a cool quotient to a rather casual outfit. If you are looking for amazing designs in earrings, then you can shop from at feasible prices. Here, you can shop for a wide range of designs under one roof without having to search at different places.

Although the trend of the pincher earring was at its peak, it is now fading. One of the main reasons behind this is because of the ear problems that many people started facing due to the enlarged piercing that leads to cuts and bleeding. These also started resulting in the enlargement of the ear hole if worn for a continuous period of time which eventually made this trend turn off over the course of time. Also, the material used in making them isn’t quite sturdy which does not make it a superior choice you are considering to buy earrings. Another reason is that you cannot wear this particular style of earrings for every occasion as they are not versatile pieces and only look good when you are wearing something casual. More so, when it comes to formal dressing, you should avoid wearing them as they do not look appropriate.

When we talk about the trends, the designs in the earrings have become more elaborative and designers are willing to experiment with the cutting and shapes. Pincher earrings too were a great invention in terms of the shape and the idea behind them was centered on the youth. But, today they have rather become more outdated and have been replaced by designs such as hoops, studs, and drops which are also favored by girls of all age groups.

Today, you can find a lot of quirky designs in the earrings which are far more trendy than the pincher earrings and much easy on the ears as well. If you have been a fan of the pincher earrings for a while now and want to experiment now, then there are several alternatives to it available in the stores today that would give you the same cool quotient that you desire when it comes to earrings. These days you can even get your earrings customized in terms of the size and designs as you want so as to give a personal touch to the accessory that you would own in the future.

This was all about how the pincher earrings are losing their sheen with the passing time and how they have been replaced by far superior designs that are ideal for everyday wear. On a final note, the pincher earring has surely been replaced by a lot of other designs such as spirals and studs which give a contemporary look and do not cause harm to the earlobe. If you still happen to be a fan of the pincher earrings, then it is time that you draw your attention from them and pick out some of the latest designs to add the cool factor to your outfit. Among the many designs available, one such as danglers and loops would surely change your perspective. So, go ahead and experiment with your looks. Happy Shopping!

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