How to promote your easter email marketing campaign

Easter is one of the most awaited and popular holidays celebrated by millions of people around the world. For businesses, connecting with their customers and promoting their products or services is an opportunity they can’t miss. 

There are several marketing strategies with which businesses can resonate with their customers. However, email marketing is an excellent choice for new and emerging businesses. 

If you plan to promote your start-up this Easter, you must diligently plan your email marketing campaign. With careful strategizing, you can execute a successful email campaign this year to ensure your target audience well receives your message. 

To help you along the way, we’ve collected some handy tips to ensure your campaign thrives. 

Segmenting your email list

Sending out a single message to all your customers is an ineffective and lazy approach to connecting with your clientele. Instead, you must categorize your customers in different criteria, like, demographics, past purchase history, and other relevant criteria. 

This practice is called segmenting, which can help you send more personalized emails to your subscribers, increasing the likelihood of engagement. 

For example, you can segment your email list by age group and send different Easter-themed promotions or offers based on the interests and preferences of each group. Moreover, sending relevant emails to your customers will minimize the chances of your mail landing in their spam folder. 

Using an appealing subject

Your email’s subject line is the first thing your customers will see when they receive it, so it’s important to make it catchy and attention-grabbing. Use words that show urgency, excitement, or curiosity. 

It’s also crucial for your subject line to hint at what your subscriber should expect from the email. For example, “Hop into Easter savings with (Business Name)!” or “Get ready for the Easter eggstravaganza!” 

You can also use emojis to add a bit of fun and personality to your subject line. But remember to maintain the professional touch!

Creating meaningful content

Your email’s content will reach your customers, so it must be extraordinary. The content should be visually appealing, easy to read, and engaging. To instantly connect with your readers, use a conversational tone and avoid business jargon. Also, make sure that the text font is bold and visible. 

But using text solely to deliver your message will likely bore your customers. Use images and videos to make your email more interesting and interactive. To reverberate festivity, you can use Easter posters, which you can make easily using the thousands of available templates online. These posters include colorful and vibrant backgrounds with vibrant images and graphics. 

Moreover, ensure your email includes a clear call to action that prompts your subscribers to act. For example, encourage them to purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or follow your social media pages. 

You can use small business email templates available online or on email marketing platforms to follow a standard and professional-looking business pattern for your email. These templates are exceptionally useful for small businesses. 

Offering discounts or promotions

The holiday season is ideal for launching a special deal or discount. Since people love to save money, consider offering Easter-themed discounts or promotions to entice your subscribers to purchase. 

You could offer a percentage off their purchase, free shipping, or a gift with every purchase. Ensure your offer is clear and easy to understand so your subscribers know what they’re getting.

Optimizing emails for mobile

Nowadays, everyone uses their smartphone for everything, from shopping to checking their emails. Since several people check their email on their mobile devices, you must optimize your emails to fit the mobile format. First, ensure that your email opens up in seconds rather than taking time to load. 

Apart from that, you can use a mobile-friendly design that is easy to navigate and read. Keep your content concise and to the point, with clear calls-to-action that are easy to click on mobile. 

Timing matters

One of the most useful tips to remember when planning a successful email marketing campaign is that timing is crucial. You must consider the best time to send emails based on your customer’s time zone and past open rates. 

This practice will increase the likelihood of your subscribers opening and engaging with your emails. For example, if your audience is primarily in Asia, you may want to send your emails at night to catch them when they first check their email in the morning. 


Easter is a time to put your hopes high and your efforts even higher if you’re running a small business. Use the occasion to market your services or products via email marketing. You’ll likely engage with your clientele with these easy tips and eventually generate greater sales.

Written by: Raahim Jamshed 

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