Top 4 Promising Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are all about creating new products from raw materials for assembling components by the use of mechanical, physical, and chemical means. The industry is categorized in both small-scale and large-scale and consists of products of items like phones, foods, cars, beverages, and computers in large numbers. The manufacturing industry has produced various opportunities and products for other industries such as the military, healthcare. construction, hospitality, and more.

Even if most processes in manufacturing are automatic, there are still other parts that require people to work on. Moreover, manufacturing happens at different levels such as production, quality control and assurance, and management and logistics positions. The industry has experienced exponential growth since the industrial recession, giving rise to various opportunities for individuals who would like to start their careers in the industry. Today, there are jobs growing way faster than others, and these offer opportunities for people who would want to work in these sectors. This article has compiled a list of the most promising careers in the manufacturing industry and how much an individual can earn per hour.


This is a promising profession that has shown growth over the years. The work of the machinist is to set up as well as operate different types of machine parts. This includes machine parts makers like Kor Pak who make machine parts, modify and help in the repair of instruments. These professionals apply the knowledge of mechanics and machining processes to make different parts and modify them to fit the needs. Considering that the manufacturing industry mainly relies on the use of machinery, machinists have a greater opportunity of growing in the industry.


The painting career is another promising future. Painters tend to paint machines used to paint the surfaces of equipment such as trains, cars, airplanes, boats, buses, and more.


an average woodworker earns about $14.27 per hour. The primary duty of the woodworker is to build various items made from wood. Such items include dining tables and different types of furniture. A woodworker must have a blueprint and a scheme set up for the final products. The demand for furniture and other items made from wood is still high. This makes woodwork one of the top best on the list of promising careers today.

Quality Control Supervisors

The work of a quality control supervisor is monitoring operations in a company to ensure the products made meet the quality standards set. An average quality assurance supervisor earns about $14.67 per hour. The professional reviews the product specifications and assesses the processes for any defects. This is a very critical element for every business in the manufacturing industry, making this job a lucrative opportunity.

The manufacturing industry requires being attentive to detail to ensure products made have met the standards of the quality set. This helps in rectifying the problems way before the products reach the consumers.

Other jobs promising great opportunities in the future include;

  • Welders
  • Packaging Engineer
  • Plant Managers


The manufacturing industry is the largest industry that serves all other industries in a big way. All other industries require the products and services manufactured in this industry, and the above are some of the most promising jobs one can start in the industry. These careers have shown potential growth that will bring numerous changes and opportunities in the future. So, any job seeker can consider starting with them in order to grow.

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